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I so wish this would work with a roll-on liner, but I don't think it would stay put. In the summertime I often have to pour the sweat out of my leg a few times/day. Whenever I mention this as a problem to my prosthetists they look at me as if I'm some kind of sweaty freak. But really, I could tolerate heat so much better if my leg didn't sweat so much (who knew that thighs have such overproductive sweat glands??)!


Jana, I don't know why they look at you like a sweaty freak. This is a very, very common problem for amputees. For many including me, it can actually be kind of dangerous, because the amount of sweat we produce in our hot sockets can make our sockets slip around a lot.

I don't really know what roll-up liners are like, but I can guess how the lip might not hold a panty liner. However, check out my solution for socket farts, which are a really common problem for suction socket wearers specifically. Maybe just plastering parts of panty liners inside your liner the same way I do for this other issue will help, as long as you stick to thin ones that won't mess with your fit.

Please note: DO NOT use conventional brand name panty liners because the adhesive that these manufacturers use is some sticky-ass stuff that will not come off plastic with anything less aggressive than turpentine. You could ruin your liner if you don't stick with the natural brands, like (but not limited to) Natracare. Maybe if you can test one on some similar thing, like a toy plastic bucket from the drug store or something, you can find out what's going to leave behind what kind of mess.

I hope some form of this works for you. I feel your problem, totally.

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