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Does your leg not stay on by suction? I've always had a suction socket. Do you use the belt because your leg varies in size so much? I'm interested to know what the differences would be.


Yes and yes.

I love my suction socket. I haven't tried anything else, either, but from what I've seen, I think it's probably the least complicated method for holding one of these puppies on. But as I've said elsewhere, I gain and lose 15 or more pounds of water every month, so I am a different size and shape every day. Maybe just about two weeks out of every month -- total, and that's just an estimate, and in no event is it ever fourteen consecutive days -- my socket fits perfectly. The rest of the time I am either too bloated or too -- heh -- thin. (Yeah, too thin in one thigh. Never thought I'd ever say that about myself, even if I am only talking about a few days a month.) Many of the imperfect days are perfect enough that there's still something to suction onto. When I'm too bloated, though, I can't get my stump all the way in without powder or grease, either of which naturally works against the suction. And when I'm too -- heh -- thin (sorry, that's just always going to be funny), there's just not enough to suction onto. So I just strap this thing on nice and tightly and don't worry about it.

It was such a relief to be presented with a solution that is actually comfortable and reliable. I can't rave about it enough.

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