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My hat's off to you! (Although I don't wear either a straw hat or a baseball cap--actually, I don't wear any when I'm gardening, but in the winter I wear one of those knit caps that you can pull down over your ears.)

I'm trying so hard to figure out what kind of plant that is with the yellow flowers--a melon? Pumpkin? Potatoes? Help! They sure are beautiful though.


Thanks, Darlene.

Of course, nothing in the first two photos with this post is actually a perennial, in spite of the post's title, and you guessed partially correctly. If you position your cursor over each photo and wait a moment, you should see a descriptive tag, but meanwhile, that gigantic pot contained one each of the following: sugar pumpkin, delicata squash, sweet marketmore cucumber, and some kind of zucchini, all of which I guided up, through and over a large tomato cage and the trellis fencing off my balcony. It was an experiment to see how much a pot could produce, and the answer is a lot of flowers, one three-inch-thick pumpkin, one normal-sized delicata squash, about a dozen lovely cucumbers, and no zucchini whatsoever. Oh, well; I'll know better next year. :)

And actually, pumpkins I planted in the ground didn't do well, either, this year. Not enough rain. Kind of ironic since our streets here in the northeast are flooded now.



What a great idea, to have tags on the photos! Can't for the life of me figure out how you did that, though.

As for your experiment, I think the results were amazing, considering the variety and amount you were able to sustain in that confined space. Hate to admit it, but it reminds me of my front yard. Such a variety of plants squeezed in, and since so many are seasonal, as soon as the spring ones disappear, they're replaced by summer ones, etc., so there's that many more actually planted than you can see at any one time.

And of course every year I say I have all the kinds I want, but then I see an alluring plant I don't have or hear about a new one's attributes and want it to join my plant menagerie...then there are the ones I get as gifts... And then there are the "weeds" I love; butter & eggs, Asiatic day lillies; while others are trying to get rid of theirs, I plant and nuture them. But don't worry, I don't nurture dandelions.^__^

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