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Hello, my name is Dean and the rubber boots you discuss are made and/or sold by Canadian Tire in Canada. I have been wearing these boots since I could walk. I have a pair that finally split on the bottom, after about 12 years, and I have been looking for them for about two years. Since it wasn't too urgent, every time my mom would go to Canada to get stuff, I had her look for these boots, but to no avail. After searching somewhat on the internet, I finally found them today on the Canadian Tire website. They appear to cost about 13.99 and I can't wait to go to Windsor-I'm in Detroit-and buy three pair. Go to Canadian Tire's website, type up boots in their search block and viola! There they are! Item # 89-9528-2.

David Cantlin

I am a BKA who lives on and cares for 300 acres in north central Florida. I've read and tried your technique and had success while using a very long shoehorn (14"). The problem is getting the foot OUT! It took 20 minutes until the carbon fiber foot finally slipped out of the cover. I struggled with the cover until it finally leg go of the boot. I'm exhausted! My boots are Muck Woody Max. I may have to go with a thinner rubber boot like yours. If you have any hints let me know please!

dave de kretser

Try putting a plastic bag over the foot, then the foot (and heel) will go on easier as well as easier getting the foot out the boot!

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