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Drats, I just wrote a comment and erased it. Poo.

Well, you've covered some really good issues here in this post..and rather than waste time mirroring everything you said, let's just let it be known that I agree with you on all the financial/insurance pieces.

As for the squeaky business that began the post? My leg squeaks, too. Intermittently. Which drives me nuts. Because I can't nail down the reason for it. And I've got the $30K+ model!

And I'm fully aware that WD40 is not the solution. I would never spray anything on my hardware. I have, however, entertained myself by asking the staff at a hardware store to recommend a product that will elminate the squeak...and then I just kick back and watch their reactions. It. Is. Fun.
But I'm a litte twisted ;-)


Quick comment on lubricants.

Go to your local bicycle shop and ask if they have any "Bull-SHOT"
it is A LUBRICANT, not a like wd40
they use it on chains, and other stuff and works great.
I use it on printer carriages, etc.
about $18/can.

Please don't use it without showing or talking about this with your doctor!
I don't want the thought of extra pain on my mind.


Thanks, Mark. I will look into it and report back.


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