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Ron Sullivan

I am absolutely fascinated by the idea that both factory-installed and aftermarket feet can host fungi. That's one hell of a determined lifeform, isn't it?

The floriform purple blotches, I suppose, will have to be incorporated into the tattooing. The effect is oddly like those rag-rolled wall finishes that show in in deeeziner mags.


Ron, you can see that I did not exaggerate when I described this foot as insultingly fake looking. I agree that the streaking adds a sort of "deeeziner" texture, like when you buy pre-battered blue jeans or get your walls painted in some kind of "rustic" finish. And yes, this will add a dimension to whatever decorative scheme I end up with. But you can see why I really want to decorate it. It just can't stay the way it is.

As for the fungus/mold question, you know I owned these boots back when I had both my original feet. I wore them all the time in rain and mud, every year, for years. Now, it never occurred to me that athlete's foot could survive its host inside a black rubber boot, but this is my suspicion. It's a weird kind of ghost, or offspring.

It's also kind of ironic. Once I played a little game with some other amputated women online, the "list some of the weird advantages of being an amputee" game. Examples: 1) Less to shave, if you're a shaver. 2) Fewer toenails to clip. 3) Half the athlete's foot.

Uh...I guess 3) wasn't true after all.

Freaky, freaky, freaky!!!

And now I have to go outside and do the Icky Icky Icky dance. It's finally sunny, and the sun is scheduled to leave again soon, so what better day to shake off the yuck?

I will think of you while I am pruning the hedge out front (you know, after dancing). Cheers!

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