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Ron Sullivan

A magazine I work on sometimes ran an article a few years back that used "ziplock" as a generic -- "ziplock bags." We heard from the WhateverCorp people, about its being a brandname(tm). (I'd thought it wwas "Ziploc" but never mind.) This is the standard legelly "necessary" copyright defense, but I thought it would've been classy of them to send the program in discussion a lifetime supply of the real product instead, to keep them accurate.

Instead, I discovered the neologism "zipperlock" and suggested the program use it. So, in that spirit, I suggest "hookenlooper." Concrete and ridiculous, both.


Oh, I LOVE "hookenlooper." I'm totally going to use it, and I hope it spreads!

hee hee

Ron Sullivan

(bows) Thanks.

I'm still thinking about the Velcro-cleaning problem. (If all this brand-naming attracts corporate attention, perhaps the good folks at Velcro Industries have a suggestion? I'm wondering about a stiff wire spiral brush of the type usef for cleaning, hmm, what would that be? But I can almost visualize it.

Ever spend time strolling around a serious hardware store? Next time I do, I'll have Velcro-cleaning in mind. I have a pair of Teva sandals too.


No one has shown up from any hookenlooper manufacturer's corporate headquarters yet, but I live in hope. Meanwhile, my true love thinks he has an idea involving some hook-on-hook action. I'll let you know if that works.

The only wire brushes I know of are for cleaning barbecues. Is that what you were envisioning? Not being a barbecuer, I don't have one, but I can probably pick one up cheap. If this other idea doesn't pan out, I'll go there next.

This is important information!!! Everyone has something with this stuff on it, not just amputees, as you noted. Someone out there must know how to do this! I can't believe we're breaking new ground here. Crazy!

Plain Jane Mom

Hmmm, cleaning velcro. Have you tried dragging a clean piece of the hard loop side across the dirty part? I think the hard hooks might pull the crud out, and they certainly wouldn't break.

I hope that made sense!!


Yes, Jane, I did try it. This is the "hook-on-hook action" idea my Brilliant Engineer Boyfriend suggested.

It didn't work very well. The hooks didn't break outright, and this method did loosen some hairy crud, but ultimately I ended up still having to pick it out by hand and having imperfect results at that.

And who has time to be hand-grooming Velcro® like a mother baboon? Not me. Thus I continue to seek a better option.

Thanks for your thoughts, though, and if you ever do find something that works, please don't hesitate to drop by and share!

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