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Love sleeping with kitties. I sleep with Nero, constantly. He has a special turkey noise he makes when we're going to bed, it's sweet.

Mike was sick as hell over here last weekend, a head cold caught from coworkers. It was an awesome birthday for him, thanks coworkers.

We feel for you!


Poor Mike! How infuriating.

Yes, having napping companions has been one of the best parts of having cats for me. Notice, though, how completely little Furry Lewis has taken over the pillow, leaving me flat and slug-like off to the side of his cozy little nest. Heh heh -- he's not the first, but he probably will be the last.

The most cats I ever had at one time was four. While I slept, every once in awhile they would all be not just on the bed but on me. I would have one on my feet, one on my backside, one curled up under the covers next to my tummy, and one snuggled into my neck on the pillow or next to it. That was heaven, that or any combination of all the kitties and my true love with me on one piece of furniture.

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