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Stephanie A.

I'm also in search of a yummy tamale.

You know, when Mexican food is on, there's nothing like it. But when it isn't, well, it's just bad news. Ugh.


And you know, Stephanie, if they'd just used a different can -- you know, the one that said "enchilada sauce" not "spaghetti sauce" -- we wouldn't have been nearly so appalled (although that thing with the lemon was pretty bad, too).

Actually, one can obtain quite palatable Mexican food in Massachusetts, just very limited in variety and none of it near where we live. Still, one of these days we will make the 30-mi. trek out to Westboro and sample the goods of which Leslee wrote so glowingly. Hmmm...maybe Saturday...


I know, I'm very behind in blog reading!

Providence is a long drive, but if you get the chance to go down there, Don Jose Tequila's (despite the name - and location in the heart of the very I-talian Federal Hill neighborhood) is very good. I had fab mole there (despite the wrinkled nose of our Columbian waitress). Good margs, too. Thanks for the tip on Doña Maria. I picked up a jar of it in Whole Foods, but haven't had the nerve to try it.

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