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What a delightful homage to Concord. Oh yes, I could live there.

Ron Sullivan

All else aside (and there's lots; dang that looks like an inviting place) I really like that first photo for reasons I can't quite put my finger on. I mean, sure, the two guys on the bench and the posture of the one on the viewer's right, but also the bike and the stroller. And something.

Now I want to see the particulars of how one manages hills on a mechanical leg. I'm a tinkerer at heart, I guess.


Thank you, ladies. More to come, honest.

Thanks for your remarks on that photo, Ron. It's one of my favorites of all the ones I've taken this year. Also, it might amuse you to know that I deliberately cropped it down from a slightly larger slide to include specifically the details you mentioned.

I have a feeling I might get more time to work on this soon. Brilliant Engineer Boyfriend (BEB) has expressed displeasure with regard to the progress of one of his own projects, so I might be "widowed" for awhile tonight. Meanwhile, I had a big nap, so I'll see where it takes me after I ingest some of the General Gau's BEB slayed and brought back from his latest expedition to CompUSA.

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