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A friend who did lose a child said she wanted to kill people who said things like, "Now you have your own angel in heaven," or "God must have loved her so much. He wanted her back."

p.s. I'm so mad at blogger for denying me the pleasure of your long comments. It really is a very fickle system.


Don'tcha just want to smack people like that? Don't get me started.

You have, however, given me a deliciously evil idea. Thank you! Maybe when people ask me what happened to my leg, instead of whipping out the "Leg Story: $10" button I bought from Bonnie's store, I'll just tell them, "God loved it so much he wanted it back."

(mwa ha ha)

Blogger seems to have healed itself (unless it broke again since yesterday), but my cat is dying, and I am nursing him. Sometimes little Furry Lewis wants to be taken somewhere in the house that he's just not strong enough to get to comfortably on his own, and sometimes he wants my company while he lies on the bed or on the sofa or in the sunny dining area window overlooking the bird feeder. At times like these I am away from the computer. When he wants to be alone in my studio, when he doesn't want me to sit with him and pet him but just wants to doze by himself on the carpet under my drawing board, if I'm not reading a book or taking the opportunity to sneak off to another room and clean something for a few minutes, I'm hanging out on my computer. This way I can be close by if he wants something yet not intrude on his privacy. (I know this must sound ridiculous to "normal" people, but this is an extraordinary cat and we have an extraordinary relationship with him.) At some point during one of these spells, I shall no doubt wend my way to your place and fill your comments with all sorts of half-crazed ramblings, never fear.

I've already dropped by a couple of times in the last few days, but then found my attentions were needed elsewhere. I'm very happy to see that you've been quite prolific. I was also very happy to notice that you've posted beautiful new work at Waitress Poems.

Most excellent. The world can always use more Patry.

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