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Stephanie A.

Wow, it's all about finding a system, isn't it?

I think I've shared with you before about my club feet and how sometimes I limp and sometimes I cannot walk well. I also have ankle weakness and one thing I've always thought about is how, quite naturally, our bodies typically get worse as we age. I will hold this story with me as I'm climbing, walking and seeing during those tougher times when my feet are burning and giving out.

Sure, it may have been more hassle than one would like, but it looked like the benefits were 10-fold. They almost always are. Thank you for sharing this, Sara!

Ron Sullivan

What a beautiful place. I've been thinking this week about how differently rain touches the East and here, "west of the West." And dang but there's always some aspect of the same-old that twists into a surprise, to put it mildly -- like the dance you found yourself doing with tea, umbrella, and (modified by water and fall fallen leaves) stone stairs, and absence of walking stick.

"... and other stories" indeed!


Stephanie, yes, a system. And the system I've developed for myself, since I apparently can't be relied upon to take even my own most basic advice, is to try to keep my eyes and mind open to what's really in front of me at all times, and to where I really want to go from "here," wherever that might be in this moment. It helps not having anything to prove to anyone. It keeps things simple.

Also, you mentioned wanting to avoid losing physical choices as you age, and this is just one of many reasons you should be so proud of yourself for starting a gym program. Regular exercise is as important as nutrition in mitigating the effects of aging upon joint and bone health, and that's key to slowing the onset of further disability. This is one of the reasons I still make myself do yoga (well, I like it, too) and why I have the balance ball and the new tricycle and why I always take stairs even when there's an elevator. This is one reason my true love practices tai chi, which has been proven medically to have measurable benefits extending far into old age, especially when practiced regularly over decades.

It really is a use-it-or-lose-it deal we each have with our bodies. And even with the issues you already have with your feet, something else entirely could go wrong at any time, so the more you can do now, while you're young, to make and keep your whole self strong, the more choices you will always have, and the more fun adventures you can go on.

Of course, it is tough to keep all that in mind when you're in pain. You can put me on the list of people rooting for your every happy step.

Ron, your comment made me laugh. I hadn't realized it, but yes, even my trip down these stairs (fortunately without tripping) was a piece of art I created that day -- performance art. I shall call it, in retrospect, "Autumn Dance in Celebration of Hubris, with Tea, Umbrella, and Capacious Arse Pointed Skyward." hahahahahahaha

Naturally, ladies, should either of you wash up here, it will be my pleasure to show you this wonderful park. Let me know...

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