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Congrats on the new trike and happy trails to you and your true love! You'll never have to be left home again.

melissa b.

Sara, you and your fine ass are gorgeous on that shiny bike! I think most of really could use a trike instead, at least those of us in the clumsy set of the population.

And I love the new Fussy seals!


Thank you, ladies!

Patry, what's funny about this is that now I can't get my true love on his bicycle come heck or high water. So now I ride alone. (Is that a blues song?)

Melissa, to be fair, the only seal I created was the bear seal, and I used the online seal generator. The gun, Yoda, devil wearing high-tops, kitten with an axe -- that's all Mrs. Kennedy (who doesn't want to be called that anymore). I'm only good for bears.


Hi! Excellent tricycle--love the cobalt blue.

I linked to this post at DS,TU today (not sure how to do the trackback thing, so here's the link):


The blue is lovely, isn't it? Torker also offers a very nice, true red, too, and I almost went with that, but the lusciousness of this blue changed my mind at the last moment.

Thanks for the heads-up re the link. (I don't know how to do trackbacks, either.)


That's just a very dandy looking trike. I'm a chicken when it comes to two-wheelers. But I 'll bet I could mangage something like that. Have you named it yet? Gotta have a name.


Can't believe I actually found another trike-rider! I, too, have a shiny blue trike with a back basket. It's been my main method of independent transportation for years.

Mine is a Workman folding model. Not that I really fold it anymore, although I used to when it was parked at work. I'd fold it, take the seat and loop chain all around it because it was very vulnerable/desirable to joyriding teenagers.

When I ride, people stare at the short, fat woman on the tricycle. It used to bother me, but I've gotten used to it. When I rigged up a pet crate, mounted on the back basket, to carry my cats back and forth to Mom's, the stares began in earnest. I no longer care...if they're going to stare at a woman on a tricycle, they might as well stare at a woman on a tricycle hauling cats.

(For what it's worth, the cats LOVE it).


I forgot to add...we also made the investment of a removable wicker basket, mounted on the front. It has a carry-handle, like a normal basket, and two metal prongs to fit onto the mount on the handlebars.

It makes the trike look very quaint and European, like there should be a baguette and some celery sticking out of there.

I usually just use it to carry my backpack-purse, since the pet crate makes it ride up in back.


Ha ha ha! I don't think our new (used) cat would like it. He protests containment of any kind, and the roads here are amazingly potholed.

I love my tricycle. Love it, love it, love it. Love is not a strong enough word.

I don't know if you came here from there, but I do have a one-year progress report (sort of), that you can read here. Also, here's a shot of what I typically haul.

David Kiley

I'm waiting on my workman trike to carry around my toddler and groceries . I haven't received it yet and am already a tricycle fan :).

Good to see there are others.


Go, David!

It's so big and heavy and carries so much stuff that I sometimes call mine my "SUV." :)


what a great post! due to a traumatic brain injury from a car accident, i cannot balance a bike. when i bought my first trike, i was in heaven! after it was stolen and i saved up enough to buy another - even better - trike, i was even more in heaven! i don't ride as much as i used to, because i got married and moved to an area of town that isn't very bike-friendly and would require a minimum of three miles one way to ride to anyplace i'd usually go...which would mean a lot more riding than i can do on a regular basis with my creaky knees and hips. still, i ride to the old neighborhood every now and then, and that wind in my hair and the bell ringing as i wave to friends in the street CANNOT be beat!


Hi! I found your post about riding the trike with a prosthesis as I was googling that exact topic - I have JUST paid for a trike today, and I also have one above knee amputated leg.

I had a quick test ride at the bike shop and I think it's going to work ok, god I hope so as with the added gears and the lights it cost about $850 and i haven't even bought a helmet or bike lock yet (it was a gomier, hope it's worth that obscene amount of money!). I get to pick it up in about a week yay :D

I'm going to try using my fake leg to push as well, but if that doesn't work I'll try what you do and just use the good leg...


Thanks you SO much! I've been looking everywhere for trike stuff.

Hello fellow Trikesters!

I bought a big blue electric assist trike because I have asthma and assorted small problems that now make riding a bike or e-scooter impossible. I wanted the exercise too. So I only use the battery on hills I can't climb or to "boost" the start.

Asthmatics are at risk on two-wheelers because if an attack starts, they have to pull over. Try being run into a sewer grate by a car while unable to breathe. I don't know how many I've known that have crashed this way.

Everything I could find was on recumbants and I can't be that physically close to the exhaust.

Finally, after a year of searching, a dealer right in my neighbourhood had ordered the exact trike I was searching for! There it was, in the box. So he put it together.

I'm trying to learn the steering since it is so much different than a bike.

But I can go SLOW. YAY!

Hello fellow Trikesters.

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