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Ron Sullivan

I'm not sure you can say Thing was born, let alone "that way." But I think I always figured that that was all there ever was of him, and whatever he used to, oh, hear or anticipate needs or whatever he did, all that was somewhere in what looked like a hand.

Or maybe the rest of him was just invisible, plus of course not capable of walking around and stuff.

I used to do Hallowe'en stuff as Cousin Itt sometimes. I've always related to the Addams Family in a way. Explained a lot of my own family's dynamics. And I had a crush on Gomez before he was Gomez (cf. I'm Dickens, He's Fenster) and Morticia gave me goosebumps in the best possible way. I'm talking about the TV orogonal here.

And I also have a bad habit of taking in orphan plants.


I also loved the Addams Family movies. I thought Angelica Huston was smokin' hot as Morticia, and that Raul Julia was a magnificent Gomez. I liked the TV show versions -- Carolyn Jones, John Astin -- every bit as much, but differently.

In the movies, I think I remember Thing actually meeting a female Thingette. Am I imagining this, or did I dream it? I seem to remember her being distinguishable only by her clothing. It begged the question of reproduction.

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