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Ron Sullivan

Here I am, just barely catching up with people. And nicely rewarded with that soup recipe, which I flagged for Joe. "Oh good," sez he, "something to use up all that coconut milk." I got a flat of cans at Costco, and if he make butter mochi from all of it, my arteries will seize up upon the instant. That recipe makes me think of tom gha kai, only vegetarian.

And we both luuuuuv winter squash. Delicata's good; for one thing, I eat it hide and all once it's been roasted. We can even cheat and nuke it if we're desperate and it's still good.

You know, that tuber riddle had me stumped. From the double eyes I thought maybe dahlia, but those roots looked like a case of possession by the Great Old Ones. (Ia! Ia! Cthulu fthagn!)


Oh, yes, you must make the soup. It's soooooooo easy. And the only fat in it is from the watered down coconut milk, and that particular fat is actually supposed to be really good for you, very heart healthy. And it's so tasty.

Me, I'm a cardamom freak. Any excuse to dump cardamom in something. Any excuse at all. (Make my day.)

Listen, I'm really glad you stopped by because after I posted this, I went on a little surf of my own favorite blogs, and by seasonal coincidence, when I hit Eggbeater, this is one of the entries that leapt out at me:

Squash Squash Squash Winter Squash Squash

In it, Shuna writes and shares photographs of a bunch of heirloom winter squash varieties she picked up from a farmer named Annabelle who habitually vends at the Berkeley farmer's market! How perfect is that? If you go and try any of these luscious looking varieties, do tell all!

As for the bulb thing, yes, those eremuri are freaky looking. I immediately thought they looked like aliens come to take over the planet, too. I was thinking more War of the Worlds (the old movie, of course) than Cthulhu, but you know, they are so very surprising looking that any interpretation seems apt.

I could do worse than to have them take over my front garden, I think. I really hope they like where I put them and bloom magnificently.

shuna fish lydon

Thank you, Sara, for the great link! I have finally figured out how to do the (simple) trackback, and I have successfully linked to you as well.

Squash is terribly yummy. Thanks for stopping by.


She cooks! She writes! She trackbacks!

Or maybe she tracksback. Very impressive either way. :)

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