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Where is she from? Not the western suburbs. She is not even from Illinois. What does she know about the voters of the sixth district. Nothing! This is such a joke, full of spin and lies to get an out of state far left liberal into office in the sixth district.

Independent Voter
Downers Grove


Thank you for your input, Todd. It may interest you to know that I also am an unaffiliated voter, and that my opinion of Ms. Duckworth has been formed by every time I've heard her speak on the radio and by what I've read about her over the course of months. I've never spoken to her or anyone in her campaign, nor do I know anyone who knows her, as far as I am aware. This is strictly my opinion.

I'm sorry you disagree with my assessment, which, since this is not a highly trafficked blog, you must have deliberately sought out. I also hope you voted today.


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