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Sheesh. Now you got me sitting on the couch trying to locate my middle toe. My feet are so big and ugly I don't want to divert too much time looking at them :0)

Ron Sullivan

Huh. Now that I think of it, I can't either. I can sort-of locate the sensation of the end of that toe, but not the base; it does just feel like a unit with its neibors though I can feel them OK. The right middle toe, can't feel that very well but I can spread and "grasp" more independently and I can feel that as I do it.

I'm right-handed, FWIW, and I drive an automatic transmission so my right leg is stronger and more flexible in general than my left.

Oh great, now I'll be wiggling my toes all day and looking off into space. If Chris asks why, I'll send him here. Blogmeme!


(mwa ha ha ha ha)

Cathy, if you have your feet and they work, they are beautiful. There are people in this world who would kill (probably not literally) to have your feet instead of the ones they have that don't work, the ones they have that hurt all the time, or the ones they don't have at all. Yes, I am lecturing you obnoxiously. But did you really think I wouldn't? ;)

I shall make you know and appreciate your own feet intimately! In spite of the efforts of the fashion industry to make women feel bad about themselves in detail on a well nigh constant basis, you will learn the beauty of your feet and their mystery! HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA

Sorry. I had a little sip of water, and I feel better now. Speaking of all that, though, Ron, I have not forgotten about "On Feet and Feminism"; working on it, really. And meanwhile, I must respectfully request that you please make sure people have already voted before you send them here to get obsessed about their own toes. Please. It's important. ;)


(I already voted, fear not.) My middle toes seem to be part of a collective--they move with their neighbors, not on their own. I broke the second toe in June, and the middle on that foot even shared in the bruising. But I suspect some folks, dancers and yoga practitioners, *can* learn to isolate that toe's muscles and move them independently. (Not sure what purpose it would serve, but it might be an interesting exercise.)


Give that voter a cookie! Or how 'bout some words by yogis on toesies?

"From the Ground Up" by Tias Little ("As we free up our feet, we tap into a reservoir of potential energy. It is as if we are standing on wellsprings of life force that have been blocked by years of constrictive footwear, lack of use, and inhibition.")

"Feet First" by Julie Gudmestad ("You have muscles in your feet that are designed to spread your toes just as the muscles in your hands spread your fingers. If your toes stay glued together no matter how much you try to spread them, the muscles are probably atrophied from lack of use, and the toes themselves may have lost flexibility.")

They don't say anything about being able to feel every toe distinctly. The practice of yoga, though, is about living as fully as possible in the bodies that we have. That's not all it's about, but that is one of the fundamentals.


Lecture away, dear. Trust me. I know I'm lucky. But these old feet grew up in the '60's when my size 9's had to be crammed into really cruel shoes. Vanity,vanity - what a waste of time.


When I close my eyes and concentrate, I can feel sensation in all of the toes on my right foot. I cannot on my left, but that is the leg that is damaged, so that doesn't surprise me.
I can't move either of them independantly though. :) Thanks for the exercise, it was nice to sit and contemplate for a few minutes.

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