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What a great post, Sara. By the way, those black boots of yours with the half-inch heels? I've been looking for some like that FOREVER! There are no Cohoes around here. Let me know if you ever find a place I could find some like that online, eh? I'm drooling with envy.


Hey, MB! Nice to see you here.

Those fabulous boots were available online at Goody's Family Clothing, but are no longer. I did a quick Alta Vista search and found nothing but referrals to the Goody's page.

If you click that page, you will see that the boots are pictured with the tops folded down for that swashbuckling appearance that was no doubt considered an extra fashion plus after Pirates of the Carribbean II. I don't favor that style, so I unfolded mine right away. Since that folded part is not a separate piece stitched on or glued in place or anything, there's no reason not to do that if your tastes run the same way.

Don't give up hope; hopefully another version will be back around under some brand or other in time for spring. Meanwhile, check the outlet stores in your region for remainders.



Shoe sellers take note (as if any of you even visit here): MB is the second woman in two months to visit this not especially high-traffic blog and ask me to source these for her. Contrary to your every belief about fashion, it's not just oddball amputee chicks who need plain, elegantly unconstructed boots with precisely a 1/2" heel. As with loafers and tennis shoes, the demand is perennial. You should keep them in stock at all times, regardless of prevailing fashion.


What a perfectly gorgeous post. I need to write a list like this about my body. I'll link to yours when I get it done. And what a thrill to find a photo of you on your bike at the end of your post. My bike is just like yours except that it's red. :)


Yay! I look forward to reading it. Don't forget to link back to Zuzu, too, so that she can know that her challenge is still being met. :)

The red version of this tricycle is very delightful, too. I had a hard time choosing a color. If you are interested in reading about how I came to own this trike, click here. Maybe you have a similar story.


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