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I just move when it gets really dirty.


Heh -- you and every medieval noble. I have read that it was a common practice back then to cover floors of castles and other homes with rushes in which all sorts of casually disposed of refuse would become embedded -- chicken bones, dog poop, etc. The rushes were only cleared twice a year, spring and fall. When the house began to smell too much, the owners would simply move to a different property or go stay with other nobles.

Sadly, in spite of my own semi-princessy upbringing, I have grown to loathe moving house even more than cleaning. I bow to your obviously greater nobility. ;)


There are reusable/washable replacement pads for the swiffer type items. You can find them on ebay with a search for "washable & swiffer" some are even crocheted. You could then use your own solution that you like. Another option in the microfiber replacement pads, I will warn you though that they cause more friction when cleaning and can take a bit of umph to get them to move when wet, but they clean awesome, with nothing but water.


Thank you, Jane! Very helpful!


I just found this February post after searching for Clorox wands and landfills. :-)

You'll never have to worry about a dirty, stinky bathroom again if you just follow Flylady's ( daily swish 'n swipe routine for your baths. It takes between 30 seconds and 3 minutes, depending on bathroom size, and keeps the place cleaned up and smelling sweet!


Thank you, Cynthia. What she has described (here) won't work for me ironically because my bathroom is about the size of a double broom closet. This means we have NO cupboards and NO counter. We have a tiny, two-shelf medicine cabinet over the toilet, full of, you know, medical stuff; a rolling rack 6" wide stuffed next to the stacked washer and dryer next to the window, and it is full of laundry needs, cleaning supplies, catalogs (only one per company!), whatever soiled garment needs to have a stain soaked off of it, and washcloths, and then a 12" x 4" shelf behind the door containing shaving, and skin, eye and ear stuff. That would be all the available storage. So all these groovy things she wants me to keep in my bathroom? There is nowhere for them to be. Also, what she has described would take me half an hour, not one minute. I have no idea how this could only take one minute. Maybe it's because instead of big, wide surfaces to swish and swipe, we have inch-wide chest-high painted wood wainscoting and tiny little edges of a sink which are covered with things like soap, toothbrushes, dental picks, nail brushes and tweezers, all of which have to be individually moved before any swishing and swiping can happen.

Still, for those who have luxuries like drawers and cupboards and mirrors that are also cabinets, not to mention counters, I'm sure this is a very good system. (It sure is better than relying on elves.) Thanks for the link.

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