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Yum, yum, and yum! I love coconut, and now you have me craving it too.

And btw, I don't think I'd be stressed out the jam flattening or the coconut dispersing, but what did throw me a bit was thinking you were spreading on the beaten egg with a stalk of celery! Obviously I should have more coffee before I start reading blogs :)


HA HA HA -- so funny! Yes, I suppose it does sort of look like that, but what you're really looking at is the best dang pastry brush I've ever owned. It's made of silicone with two different sized brushing ends and a well-weighted handle/stem between, and it washes beautifully in the dishwasher. The ends are molded into the shape of bristles, so the bristles don't come off unless you cut them off (not that I've done that). Plus, slippery and pliable, they spread a mean egg white.

I'm not typically a fan of silicone bakeware. It's wibbly-wobbly, making it difficult to handle safely and non-irritatedly when full of batter or packed with hot and fragile goodies straight out of the oven, and it does weird things to crusts. I enthusiastically endorse this silicone baking accessory, however. It has changed my life!

No, really, it has, because now I don't have to throw out the pastry brush and buy a new one every time I want to glaze something. This one gets completely clean, every time, effortlessly. Honest! No fooling! As they say in your neck of the woods, che miracolo!

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