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OK, you've sold me; I'm sure in person it doesn't look so much like celery ;) I use some great silicon spatulas that my mom sent to me, actually, so I'll have to tell her about this pastry brush. She's a baker as well, so she goes crazy for stuff like this (like me).

Of course, now I may spend countless hours on the site you recommended, but I'll forgive you for that when the brush comes cleaned even after I've left it sitting in egg white overnight.

I mean, not that I've ever done that or would do such a thing either.


heh heh -- Of course not!

Just to prove that I'm not lying or on crack, I amended the foregoing to include a photo of the newly egg-free pastry brush, fresh from the top rack of the dishwasher. Meticulously clean, through practically no effort of mine! How could anyone not want one just like it?


My brother just bought the dual grinder version of the pepper ball.

It sucks.

It's stiff, squeaky, doesn't grind worth a hoot, is squeaky, and doesn't grind well at all. Oh, did I mention it doesn't grind well?

I was trying it out, gave up, and went back to my twist-grinder. I'm sure my much loved twist grinder will be totally not useful for a one-handed or prosthetically assisted cook, but. Well. You asked for opinions. :)


Yes, yes, yes! Thank you, Jeannette!

I will amend this post to direct people to your comment. These things ain't exactly cheap, so this is very useful information.



I'm always happy to opine. :D

I do a lot of cooking and baking and the like from scratch - namely because I have an inconvienent gluten allergy (allergic to a protein in wheat, rye and barley). I've found that having two or three coffee grinders would be ideal. They're push-button, so would be ideal for anyone who needs to do it singlehandedly for any reason (I often need to lean on one hand or have a crutch if I'm standing). The better ones serve as spice grinders too, if the blades are close enough to the bottom, and they're about the same cost as a good quality pepper mill.



Friends of mine in college used to do the same thing, only instead of having several grinders, they just used one for everything. Their coffee always tasted very interesting.

Got any clever ideas for what to do at the table? The beauty of the one-handed grinder, of course -- if it had worked -- would have been its portability. The electric mills are great, but not so good at sprinkling a light grind over a green salad at the table, right?

I wonder if there are battery-operated push-button spice mills?


Yes! I must buy all of these items immediately. I've been perfecting the art of one-handed cooking because my baby must be on the hip, attached to the breast or both, and there's still dinner to make.
I absolutely understand your desire to snuggle with your silicone pastry brush.


Hey, if you get a minute in the middle of all that, let me know what works for you, okay? Good luck.

I need to use that pastry brush. What's it been, a month? Hmm. Scones tomorrow, I think. :)

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