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  • a happy, ordinary, middle-aged, suburban woman who paints odd pictures, gardens in a straw hat, lives with the love of her life, is owned by one cat and the ghosts of several others, and walks a little funny 'cause she has a fake leg. She started this website because there's more to life than what we lose, and we need to let each other know what's possible, even if it's only a happy, ordinary life.

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Pastormac's Ann

Wonderful. I love it. Thanks for giving me a little lift. I needed it. Happy LT. Glad you're not sick today.


My pleasure, Ann. :)


Hi Sara. Hope you're feeling better.


Thanks, Leslee. I am. I ate an "everything" bagel with lemon pepper hummus for breakfast, and nothing bad happened. A week ago, the mere thought would have been emetic.

Progress. :)

Glad to see you survived your Easter trip.

Patrick M. Tracy


Hi, I'm Patrick from Hawkcircle. I just came after when you posted on my blog the other day. Wow! You've really created an impressive blog here. It seems very heartfelt and informative, not just for amputees, but for people who have questions about how best to adapt to the situation if it happened to them or someone they know. Frankly, I'm a little staggered at the effort that it must have taken to produce all of this. Your spirt, enthusiasm, and love of life comes through very clearly in your words. My hat is off to you.

Also...thanks for including my blog on your blogroll. Please feel free to "lurk", as you said, anytime.


Hi, Patrick! Nice to see you here, and thank you. Of course I know who you are; I love your blog which, incidentally, I found via the lovely MB Whitaker, who sometimes comes to play with me at my other, sadly neglected blog.

I'm a sucker for good writing and original voices. I hope you keep yours up for a long time.


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