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  • a happy, ordinary, middle-aged, suburban woman who paints odd pictures, gardens in a straw hat, lives with the love of her life, is owned by one cat and the ghosts of several others, and walks a little funny 'cause she has a fake leg. She started this website because there's more to life than what we lose, and we need to let each other know what's possible, even if it's only a happy, ordinary life.

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The Goldfish

Sorry it has taken so long to thank you (I've uh, been busy with, um, something; can't recall exactly what, it's all a blur...), but thank you, it is a great honour.

I have in fact already received one and have a half-drafted post to the effect, but it is still ver much appreciated, particularly coming from you. :-)


Oh, Goldfish, I assure you, I am never offended by anything related to anything like this. Besides, I do remember hearing something about you being a little busy just now. ;)

Meanwhile, I am relieved to find out you were already nominated (as I eventually found out through the miracle of stats tracking that Angry Black Bitch had already been nominated, something I would have discovered sooner if I ever read the comments at her place, but that's another story, another story which demonstrates how I clearly am not a Thinking Blogger every minute of my bloggy day, even though I might still be blathering very strongly). You truly deserve this kind of recognition.

I look forward to seeing whom you nominate, whenever you get around to it. Cheers!

two dishes

Ah, you have excellent taste...Hey, weird, I was making a powerPoint for my lesson tomorrow. The kids need images and I was looking for -- i am not sure, I think a Polar Bear or a Smiley Face or something -- and I found your post. Yay, and back atcha. Gotta run right now to make a quiz. Back here soon!


That's funny. Yeah, this blog is all about polar bears and smiley faces. Well, it is, actually, kind of. I am sort of polar bearish myself, fat and white and often smiling, fond of cooler temperatures -- but not usually fierce, and certainly not to seals.

But I digress. I do love your blog, Evan, as it always makes me think -- and often makes me smile. So thanks again.

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