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And we love it!


Those are really beautiful photos! I'm hoping to get my etsy site up and running soon. I too have been crafting like a mad lady.
Happy LT!!


Wow, the flowers are gorgeous!

Pastormac's Ann

I totally enjoyed these photos! Your talent and love of photography is evident. Thanks for sharing. Happy LT.


Ladies, I'm so glad you enjoyed these!

Cassie, I absolutely adore Etsy -- both selling AND buying, unfortunately! Ha! Please let me know when your shop is up so I can see what you've been up to. Remember, the more you make and sell, the more stuff you can buy to make some more!

Materials addict? Enabler of fellow addicts? Me? Pshaw! :)


I'm a little behind, but I love the photos too; the love shines through :)


Not to worry, Sognatrice. Visitors are not graded on attendance here. :)

Glad you like these pictures, too.


Well that's a relief :) New photo of Luna today if you're interested....


Thank you! You know I am always interested in pictures of Luna.


Hi dont mean to be pedantic i just cant help it sorry i was just looking through your photos. I'm afraid the egg photo was predated by a bird probably a crow or gull although other birds will do it as well. A chick hatchs by chipping round round the egg on the blunt side of half way round the egg and leaves the shell in two pieces. Dont mean to but a downer of thing theres some great photos there

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