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That is the best use of the word savage I have ever read.

While sprouts terrify me and the tomato and I have been fueding for years, your tofu sub looks marvelous. Getting your savage on indeed.

Surprised and a bit fklempt that you thought my little rant was worth mentioning. Needless to say, I did not receive the same response when I posted it on a message board during a "difference of opinion".

You made me hungry. Off I go to forage...


Sounds yummy!
Thanks for the link.

Penny Richards

You're right, my BADD entry was creepy--that's probably an unavoidable hazard of doing disability history. (I started thinking about my postdoc project during a visit to a cemetery, and I know of others in the field who started the same way.)

But oh, that sandwich looks good. I'll eat practically anything on good bread with fresh tomatoes, so I'll have to give this a try...I usually cook tofu in stirfries or omelettes--never thought of just slicing it and eating it plain.


Just saw your comment at The Gimp Parade--RPV, really? Wow, small world. We live in Redondo, but my son's elementary-school-age program was in RPV. And he was in a children's choir at a church in PV, for four years.


I just want to say that it warms my heart to know that so many members of the disability community are tofu-positive!

Emily Elizabeth, I loved that post you wrote. I so agree; what else is our wealth for?

Sorry to hear about your tomato problem though. I have to say I think you're very brave to try to carry on without them. ;)

David, my pleasure.

Penny, though I've made many a tofu scramble, I've never put tofu in an omelette. Intriguing! Must try it!

And yes, small world! And I keep meeting people here from there, or from PVE. And someone once came to this blog from PV looking for information on amputee running. Wild. We all just swirl about, and no place is really far away anymore, though I certainly feel a long way from the teenager who used to play with her friends at the beaches of Redondo and Hermosa eighteen lifetimes ago.

Cheers, everyone! Hope your lunch is spectacular today.


There's a wonderful tofu-and-egg dish at some Indonesian restaurants, "tahu telor"--it's a fluffy omelette of tofu, egg, chilis, green onions, and peanut sauce. Here's a non-veg version (uses shrimp paste):


Oh, Penny, that sounds so good! And what an awesome website! Thank you!

I imagine vegetarians can substitute miso for the shrimp paste. When I was vegan, I used to substitute it for all kinds of things, including cheddar cheese.

Generally speaking, I find cuisine of this region (Indonesia, etc ., not Massachusetts) ingenious and delightful. Just do yourself a favor and never ever read about how fish sauce is made. It's really best not to think about such things. ;)

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