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LOVE it.

(take a pic of me right this very second, cut-n-paste the mask on me, and we're twins)


Heh heh heh,

The last time someone interrupted me while I was airbrushing. :D


Excellent! Very attractive. That's quite a contraption - for jewelry making?


So Bonnie, you were wearing a red T-shirt and hair by Cuisinart yesterday, too? Funny. Sunday in America, from sea to shining sea?

Jeannette, I have wanted to learn to use an airbrush since about 1975. One of these days... :)

Leslee -- or should I say, "L M"? -- thank you. I do think the purple brings out the blue in my eyes. I was wearing it because I was using this stuff, but I also have to wear it when I use this stuff and this stuff, and it probably wouldn't be a terrible idea if I also wore it once I really get going with these, which I plan to mix with house paint (and aren't you dying to know why? mwa ha ha).

Lots of new frontiers being explored here at the SaraArts home studio! Big projects in the works! Some shiny! Some sparkly! Several of them kind of toxic, I'm afraid.

Oh, well, at least my mistakes are recyclable, mostly.


Hi, it's Snoskred here. I found you via Nablopomo last year. I'm just dropping by to let you know that I read your blog with google reader whenever you update, and that I enjoy your blog. I'm re-doing my links on my blog, and I have linked to you in the sidebar.

I won't lie to you, the image is a little scary ;) But the color purple on the ends adds something which makes it less scary. ;) Can't wait to see the shiny and sparkly though, will you share? ;)


Snoskred! Of course I remember who you are! Your site looks great. I'll be popping back over later. I am burning with important things to say about reality TV. ;)

"[A] little scary," huh? Yeah, one of the drawbacks of that purple is that it not only brings out the blue in my eyes, but the red as well. Or were you talking about the hair style?

Of course I will share the shiny and the sparkly. Some of it will even be put up for sale at my little store. The main project, though, the thing that's making me delve into resin casting and acrylic experimentation, is something I've been trying to figure out how to do for years and years. See, I got this concept in my head, all at once like an epiphany, but had no idea how to execute it in any way that would result in a product more durable than a grade-schooler's. Now, I like stuff I make to look like it has a natural life span, just as the person who made it and the people who will enjoy it do, but the people who will pay for it need it to be able to survive on display long enough for them to get their money's worth. With a picture that can be framed, that's easy enough. With something like what I've had in mind, not so much.

You'll see... (insert mad, gleeful cackling here)

Ron Sullivan

Um. Um... Never mind the spacemask. You appear not to be wearing pants in that photo. Which, you know, would be reasonable in your own studio and all, and I've long thought that pants are not the best for sitting in, as opposed to climbing or walking or hunkering... But.

Is it that warm in New England already?


It's true! Give that naturalist a cookie (or a beer; winner's choice). Though mothers across the land who flock to this site by ones and twos will be relieved to hear that I am wearing underpants in this picture (red, to match the big, floppy T-shirt which obscures them), I am not wearing outerpants. Though it was not that warm here yet last weekend -- though it had been; it's just May in Massachusetts during which the temperature could be anything, anything at all -- I was indoors and sitting in my wheelchair. Ergo, I was not wearing my prosthetic leg. My prosthetic leg was wearing my jeans and one clog, so if I wanted to go outside (which I did eventually), I could just put on my leg and pants at the same time, as is my wont.

Now, I am no sylph, as should be plain to anyone, and I have been on one long hot flash since about the time I turned 40. So in a 65°F apartment of which my studio is but one room, sitting on a black, essentially plastic wheelchair itself protected by the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune by a soft, cushy towel ('cause I might have to go out in public in this thing again someday) wearing naught but a T-shirt, underpants, one clog, and a big plastic anti-fume ventilator was, as it usually is, really quite comfortable -- except for the sore spot on my upper ass where I landed when I went flying in my living room the week before because I forgot to lock both sides of said wheelchair when I got onto the couch, and then didn't think about it when I launched myself off the couch, in the process inadvertently knocking slightly against the wheelchair resting, as it does, on this apartment's preposterously slanty floors, thereby encouraging it to describe a 180° arc away from its previous position, leaving nowhere for my poor ass to land but hardwood floor, which I can now attest is indeed hardwood; nothing could make that part comfortable.

To answer your question, though, no, temperature was not an issue.

Aren't you glad you asked?

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