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"My true love told me we could not go out together that day unless I could get the cursing under control...."

Sometimes men can be so unreasonable.


Yeah, well, as I recall, I responded by telling him to F*-off.



I'd like to add to the Ode to L.L.Bean. Before most anyone else, you could order from them without going to some inaccessible store and ending up changing in the storage room or something. And order things in size "tall" so that sitting in a chair doesn't give naturally tall wheelers permanent high water pants. And return them if you discover no love for the product. All this Bean did before most anyone else. Also... elastic waist pants.


Yes! Excellent points including stuff I never thought of. Thank you.

And while I am frustrated with some trends Bean is exhibiting, it is still the place for people of many body types to go for mostly decently made, tasteful, sometimes even beautiful, and fashion-proof clothing, e.g., pants that don't expose the part of your butt that I fell on when every other store in the land only carries that kind. And you can still get everything by mail, and you can still return anything you don't like, any time, without an argument, for life.

I just hope we don't witness the degradation of a great institution over things like facilities issues. That would be crushing.

Speaking of tall wheelers, and also facilities issues, I'm sure you saw the post Bankers at Lady Bracknell's in which she relates efforts to get particular building management staff to comprehend the fact that wheelchair users are sometimes tall.

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