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Limbs? Really? I don't get out enough.


OK, even weirder is that when I just did my blog, it's PG, two mentions of "bitches" and one of...LIMBS???? Seriously, that's gonna haunt me.


I got an NC17, because my livejournal includes:
* sexy (4x)
* breast (3x)
* hurt (2x)
* pain (1x)

Now, aside from the sexy, all of that is most likely related to my recent breast surgery. So apparently lump removal is NC17. I find it very strange that talking about a skinned knee that hurts, or someone who is a pain could get you a bad rating. crazy!


Sognatrice, I know!!! Limbs? LIMBS???

Are these people out of their tree? (Does their tree not have limbs? Is this why they fell out of it?)

Jess, yes, you must NOT use the "b" word in our pornulated society, even if you're going through cancer of it. Who cares if its function is to feed babies? Men of this culture have fetishized it; therefore it's obscene to name it aloud.

You do not want to hear me castigate people who freak out when other people breastfeed their babies in public. It's a very spiteful rant, but related.

Bodies: We all have 'em; we all use 'em. We're supposed to! That's what they're for!

Everybody get over it!


Oh, yeah, and the pain and hurt thing? That bugged me, too. I wondered if that only triggered the censor when it was combined with female words (like "bitch" and "breast") and if so whether that had more to do with the potential for pornographic violence to women or for the fact that women are supposed to be pretty and happy all the time and just shut up about where they hurt and when.

Once that gate opens, my mind will wander these places.

Of course, I also wondered if blogs that don't say "bitch" or "breast" but talk frankly about pain and death ever got PG or G ratings. And I couldn't help but wonder as well how blogs that said "penis" and "pain" but not "bitch" or "breast" fared.

Heh -- after these comments post, maybe I'll find out.


Okay, so after that comment, I got popped up to NC-17, which I actually hadn't realized is a tougher rating until I saw the graphic. However, this is the list it gave me:

• ass (10x)
• death (6x)
• hurt (5x)
• limbs (4x)
• crap (2x)
• dick (1x)

Dirty little censorship engine! I never said "dick," not once!

(Well, I have now.)


Gee willikers! Mine is rated G (if they only knew what lurks there on my friends filter...).


Oo! Oo! Nora! Are you up for an experiment? If so, please make a post on your blog which contains the words "pain," "hurt," "death," and "limbs," but no -ahem- sensitive body parts or body functions, or names our parents wouldn't like us to call other people or ourselves. (You know the ones; some of them are already listed in comments here.) Then please run the toy again and see if your rating changed. Then please come back here and tell us the results.

Are you game? I hope so.



OK, I want to play.

Sara, please e-mail me and explain how to run the "toy." Because my blog is full of "breasts" and "boobs," also "pain" and "death" ... And I think I described my Corvair as a "dick magnet" in one post--maybe that one's not live yet.

Woo hoo. The world is a weird place.



Oh, sorry this is unclear. I hotlinked the rating graphic, so all you have to do is click it and it will take you to the toy's host site where it will be obvious what to do next.

As noted, I don't think it will do a thorough scan of your whole site, but I am sure all that BREAST talk alone will keep you out of the G zone, and probably the PG zone. And, oh horrors, what with you being all assertive and everything, I think you did mention that you felt pain once or twice, out loud and everything. Naughty woman! Scandalous! ;)

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