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Love the colors, and the drainage holes are a good idea too (not that we ever get rain here). I'm a fiend for Mary Janes, anyway. Favorite right now are Skechers "bikers"--similar to what you've got, sneaker-ish soles but nicer (velcro strapped) uppers. I'm breaking a few pairs in anticipation of a shoe-intensive vacation next month.


I like the idea of "lake" as a color; and I LOVE the shoes. (You always make me want to buy things...)


Penny, you may not get much rain in SoCal, but I know there are boats. Also, there are tide pools from Malaga Cove to Portuguese Bend and rough rocks under the water in places like Laguna where thick soles with drainage holes might come in very handy. (I am always available to help rationalize a shoe purchase. Any shoe purchase. I understand why you might need some slightly like another pair you already have only different.)

Patry, mwa ha ha. But have I ever steered you wrong?

Of course, now you have me thinking about the color "lake." I make you shop; you make me think. Who has the better end of this bargain, hm?

I agree; it's a great name, though the name isn't why I chose it. I almost bought "cement." I was trying to buy something that would go with my coloring and my whole summer wardrobe as well.

Meanwhile, "lake" as a color has been around for awhile. It just has a different meaning for a painter. For a painter, "lake" is almost always red. There is crimson lake. There is vermilion lake. Madder lake. Geranium lake. Sometimes there is yellow lake. But I have never seen a blue or green lake in a paint box, not that I recall.

The red lakes come from "lac," a red pigment derived from insects, either by excretion or by the crushing of their shells. The word "lake" in a paint name can also refer to a process of combining organic pigments with metallic ones to create vivid shades, but that seems less poetic somehow.

It's much more poetic simply to say, "Her love had lake-colored eyes" or "She pranced about in slippers the color of a lake at dawn." Right? And in a poem, we might not mention the fact that the "slippers" were actually "sneakers" and had thick rubber soles with drainage holes molded into them. Likewise, we might not mention that if you took each color you can see on a lake at dawn and mashed it around with all the others on an artist's palette, you'd come up with a color very much like wet cement.

Or maybe we would. What do you think?


I saw these shoes in the LL Bean catalog and loved them--you've made them even cuter (minus the metatarsus mêlée)!

But now *I'm* wondering...cement shoes...hmmm...perhaps it's my Italian heritage, but I just don't like the sound of that.


Oh, my goodness! I hadn't even thought of that! That's so funny!

The marketeers must have been very tired that day. Or maybe they got in over their heads on the football pool. Really, "eggshell" -- though one might not like to walk on eggshells -- would have been fine.

Did you see the red, not called "lake" here but "colonial red"? It's very pretty in person. I'm not sure what's "colonial" about it, though. I always think of white as a more truly colonial color.


I looooooooooooove LL Bean shoes. I got the "comfort mocs" while recovering from a broken ankle, and I vowed that I'd never wear any other shoes again! I haven't so far, and it's been almost 5 years!!! LOVE THEM.

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