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The Goldfish

Well done with your walk Sara. It looks like a lovely place and I hope you're not too sore after.

Most of my favourite places are very green places, places when you literally can't see the wood for the trees. Such wonderful light and such a lot of oxygen. Oh I must get out of the house this week.

By the way, you've been tagged.


Thank you, Goldfish! It is a lovely place, one of my very favorites in the whole world, and fortunately the gods (or imps) of chafing and pinching were asleep that day, so I was not the slightest bit sore afterward, just mosquito-bitten.

Yes, the oxygen. It's funny you would use that word, because S and I were talking about what our personal sacred places -- all outdoors -- do for us, and one of the words we used to describe how we feel whenever we come home after visiting one was "oxygenated." I wish you a jaunt every bit as restorative.

Tagged, huh? I shall check it out. That makes three in about ten days; yes, they pile up because I am not whippet-prompt about these things. No excuses, just distractions. :) I will attend to all of them presently, though. First, to fulfill another promise, I have to talk some more about shoes.


Christopher Bell

Yay for tractiony shoes!


Yes, tractiony shoes are one of the very best things in life, although this particular success over this dry weekend was less about traction and more about mastering dainty little ball-and-toe steps on a somewhat clumsy prosthetic device along the edge of a not sheer but certainly steep enough precipice.

Also, I must note that so far my L. L. Bean mary janes, though fabulous in oh so many ways, have proven just a little bit less tractiony on wet surfaces than my Tevas (also purchased for me by my true love at L. L. Bean, incidentally). Still, they are perfectly good when it's not raining, and it was not raining Saturday.

The Goldfish

I guess if you think about it, two of most people's favourite places would be green places like woods and the seashore. Both of them, for different reasons, have high levels of ozone present. They're also very beautiful, but I guess oxygen does play a significant role. Doesn't explain why people like to climb mountains though... ;-)


Seriously! I just watched this morning as Rasmussen won the most recent stage of the Tour de France, which ended at the top of a mountain. It was very green up there, at least the mountainsides were green, but just watching the three leaders pounding their way up, up, up that Alp, into the thin, thin air, in unrelieved sunshine and in competition so close I feared their pedals would entangle, only to have Rasmussen actually shoot ahead in the last mile, all while I reclined plumply on the pale yellow chintz-covered loveseat in my air-conditioned living room, made me gasp and reach for chocolate.

Of course, people who can do that stuff have the power to self-oxygenate in ways sofa cushions such as myself do not. And then they get those "endorphin" thingies.

I can't imagine their way is actually more fun than my way, but it sure is impressive to watch.

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