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Not the same but close? A lily named "Mandalay Bay Music".


Very pretty -- and definitely more to my taste than H. fulva -- but not even close.

This flower was not lavender but a delicate pale peach, the color of ballet slippers from England only paler, with all the gradients from ivory to rose and gold very fine, no picotee edging, no really severely contrasting star in the middle, and the yellow at the center just sort of brushed in. Petals were thick and fleshy, and the most open flower -- which didn't trumpet particularly but was somewhat flat like it was thrusting itself into life, blooming with all its might -- was about as large as my head. (My regular readers know how big that can get.)

Gigantic. Dinnerplate. But classy, not the slightest bit flashy.

Thank you for trying. The closest I've seen, 'cause you'd better believe I went immediately to the nursery after that, was something at Mahoney's called a "Trophywinner," which I guess is somebody's brand for a new set of hybrids in several colors. Some of those were in bloom, though, and even though the colors were closer, the size of each blossom was something like half or three-fifths the size of this one.

Passin' by

I stumbled on your entry. I was like you once; I hated daylilies. I thought they were boring and ugly. I didn't start to like them until I finally was able to grow my own stargazer lilies(potted, indoors, away from those damn squirrels). I was looking on google about lilies and then stumbled onto pictures of different sorts of daylilies. And to my surprise, I found I could have the look of lilies, in many colors, without nearly the fuss(I am the epitome of lazy). Now, I'm all about them, haha!

Anyway, I like the pics of these particular daylily. I'm no expert, but, looks like they may be what's called "Timeless". 8" blooms and pale pink- I'm pretty sure these are your dayliles. Here's the link:

BTW, I've ordered from them and couldn't be happier. You know... I think I may get some of these for myself, :)

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