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Michelle | Bleeding Espresso

Oh how I love blueberries, and oh how I miss them. I have no idea why they don't grow them here, but I've never seen them--sometimes they show up in packaged yogurt, but we know that's not the same.

Man could I go for a blueberry pie right now. No, I don't mean a slice of blueberry pie, either--I think I could eat the whole damn thing.


I'm so glad you're procrastinating!


I'm so glad you enjoyed my procrastination. And look; it worked! I actually did manage to crank out my MassHealth post in chunks between other things, and now that I'm awake, it seems like it's even almost coherent.

I think this is sort of like what happened to me during NaBloPoMo. In order to write, you have to write; you know what I mean. Just write anything, even something stupid; just churn stuff out. So now I think when I get stuck writing something that's very hard for me to write, not necessarily because it's hard to put into words but maybe just because it pains or paralyzes me to think about, that this might be a technique I'll try again. It's like I have to trick my mind back into outflow mode, and sneak the scary things in between the balloons and cotton candy.

As for the blueberry mystery...

Blueberries like cold winters, I think, Sognatrice. I don't remember having fresh ones in Southern California when I was growing up, either, not unless they came from far away (in which case they were not really fresh, just raw). I can't remember if they grew in the mountains down there, up at the high elevations where we would go for fresh cherries in June and apples in the fall, but if they were going to grow anywhere that far south, that's what I would expect.

I know there are blueberries in Europe somewhere. I always see Hero brand blueberry jam made with fruit shipped to North America from Switzerland at the grocery store. And Goldfish dreamed we were making blueberry jam tarts together the other night -- as I was baking the second pie, in fact! -- and she's English, so maybe blueberries grow in England. I can't remember ever eating fresh blueberries in France, but that doesn't mean they weren't there; I was just more focused on the wine and cheese.

I also know Europe has something called bilberries, which are very very much like blueberries only smaller and far more nutritious. Do you have those in Calabria or do they need cold weather, too?

It sounds like you may need to take a trip northward and upward to get your blueberry on, but I think it must be possible. And now is the season, right now!

I think you should look into this. :)


We just moved to Panama City, FL
kind of out in the country from Ft. Lauderdale, FL. Major culture shock for all of us. Anyhow, we bought a new house and had to clear the rest of our yard since we are in the woods. After starting to clear, we came across a real blueberry bush! We researched on the web and sure is the real thing! I have been picking and picking and made a cobbler yesterday. Today, I am making a yummy blueberry pie!
I am so excited to have this tree in our very own yard!

Laurie :)


Yum! I'm so happy for you!

I also had no idea blueberries were native anywhere that far south, or at that low an elevation. Fascinating. My friend A in Southern California has been able to grow cultivated blueberries -- a rarity there -- but it has been quite a feat of horticulture. Worth it, though. Totally worth it. :)

Enjoy, and thanks for telling me about it. :)

Nega Lica

I just made this tonight and it was delicious! Thanks for this recipe. You can't beat how easy it is, plus it tastes great.
Thanks again!

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