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OK, I *love* the phone. Have those rhinestones made it or have they met the same fate as many from your leg?

Speaking of which, I really enjoyed the design on your leg. It was bad ass yet princessy, kind of like all of us girls deep down.

Are those the LL Bean sneakers? I just got a catalog from them, and I'm really enjoying the shoes, just like you said I would. Haven't ordered any, but they sure are purty.

Oh, and your true love is too cute for thinking of the bling :)


"bad ass yet princessy"

hee hee hee

Yes, the 19-year-old nice Jewish girl turned punk rock wannabe art student from 1982 who still lives inside of me was very pleased -- and wants to buy more rhinestones. Immediately. But next time I'll try them with some serious glue.

The phone application is holding up perfectly well, but this is not surprising. The kind of thing that happens to my house phone handset is more in line with the Bling Kit manufacturer expectations -- you know, no devil-may-care outside adventuring. I don't know how well they would work on a cell phone, but there are kits you can buy just for cell phones which may have stronger adhesive.

Yes, those are the summer sneakers. I love them, love them, love them, but I also get athlete's foot. This is not the shoes' fault, and there's a reason I mention it. See, before and after canoeing, my sister and I walked all over town. Since I have to take off my leg -- and my pants -- to change shoes, I tend to like to just pick something and wear it all day. Walking around for hours in a wet shoe on my fake foot, who cares? Walking around for hours in a wet shoe on my living foot, though, could result in all kinds of nasty effects.

The summer sneakers are deliciously lightweight and ventilated, and if you are going to spend a day with your feet in and out of water the whole time, tidepooling for example or boating but not walking around on sidewalks and hiking paths with squelchy, steaming toes, I still think they're a perfectly good choice. And they are excellent walking shoes for dry conditions, too, especially hot and dry.

And my true love is totally cute. And it should by now be obvious why I call him my true love. :)


I like the monitor and the computer but the phone was, barbie time. I definately like the bling'd leg, cause I think temp tattoos are hot (like sexy) - yes, use the barbed wire!


"the phone was, barbie time"

I can see that. I think it's the pink. I love pink when it's not being used exploitatively, though, and I love sparkly things and calligraphic flourishes and gothic lettering, so in the face of sheets and sheets of them, tasteful restraint quickly got left in the dust. (insert sheepish blush here)

Still, my inner baby punk wannabe is quite thrilled with this, too. Tickled pink, perhaps. (Learn about pink goth here.)

Incidentally, I think these silver stickers or some similar concept executed in silver acrylic paint could also look extremely sharp -- and yes, hot, and definitely bad-ass -- on a black wheelchair. Just sayin'... :)


Okay, listened and have the pink reference; which is true since doing a grunge stepford can be edgy and liberating, or pink goth the gym. I do have the problem they note, dressing time since my knee high steel blue boots take about 35 minutes or more themselves.

I wondered if I had been too quick to see the "barbie" in the phone so I showed her the pictures and asked what she first thought of. "A vibrator..." she said. I can't see it, but it might be from our problems of last week re: Canada Customs - or just the way she sees the world.

I like the idea of tricking my chair, except that would mean I would have to be "handy", something always a bit dubious for a femme as I have a deep seated fear once I show some competance at some project the next thing Linda will be wanting me to power sand and rehang doors (it is a long standing joke/issue that we somehow ended up in a lesbian relationship without a decent butch between us).


hahahahaha -- Maybe it's a Rorshach telephone.

As for the wheelchair, I was thinking more artsy/crafty less machine-shop -- though I can see you in something that has been reimagined by one of those people who make custom "chopper" style motorcycles. Can't imagine how much that would cost, though, and that runs back into the whole trust fund issue.

Meanwhile, there are vinyl stickers. :)

Librarian Girl

Love the leg, all blinged up! Very rockin'. Nothing says you can't keep pimping it out, right?


Damn straight, LG! Let them try to stop me. Just let them try.

(Bear in mind that I have no idea whom I mean by "them." It's not like I have legions of anti-sparkly fanatics to fend off. And thank goodness for that, eh?)

Ron Sullivan

More cowbell!

Oh, and everybody needs some glow-in-the-dark. Or maybe flames?


My prosthetist has flames. I don't want to copy him. :)

Oh, and it's funny you should mention glowing in the dark. I actually bought some glow-in-the-dark paint, but it scratched off too easily.

Christopher Bell

Oh, btw, how's the Kickers change jar coming along? Filling up nicely? (lol)


Oh, that's a very sad and empty jar, Christopher. There are just so many groovy things to deflect cash out of that fund. So many.

On the upside, I think I have healthcare coverage, at least within the borders of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. I'm not 100% sure it went through, but I will be blogging more about that as the story unfolds.

Christopher Bell

Why didn't the first part of my comment appear- the bit where I said about being a motor racing enthusuast meant that I thought that carbon fibre is cool?
I said that, once it's go silver gothy symbols on it, it actually becomes bizarrely sexy. Hmmm, that sounded really creepy, sorry.

I'm really pleased to hear that the healthcare cover seems to be OK, though. Please do keep us posted.


Christopher, I have no idea where that went. It never even came over the server as far as I can tell.

Vagaries of the internet...


Love the leg. I do not think I would be able to speak coherently into that sparkly girly phone.


hee hee hee

I don't think I ever speak coherently on the phone. I completely loathe the telephone and avoid it almost religiously. I am Queen of Screening.

Hmmmm... Perhaps this is part of what prompted me to transform this otherwise functional tool into a frivolous decorative object.





I am going to a wedding in SoCal in September, so I bought some Swarovski rhinestones to replace the cheap stick-on ones.

Good thing I don't have a puppy, eh Alphabitch?

Bob Emerson

I love the bling! Good to see you are putting your crative talents to good use. Bob


BOB!!! I am so freakin' happy to see you here! As you can see, I think of you often. Yes, still. Kind of hard not to, since I'm still lurching around on the same thing you made me three years ago. ;)

I can't thank you enough, and hope the new venture is going well. Cheers!


LOL love your pimped out leg! I must show it to my sister who has a cast I pimped out for her, I so enjoyed reading your blog thanks for sharing!


Thanks, Aileen! I saw the cast over at Penny's place this morning and thought it was lovely. Well done!

Bob, my prosthetist who commented above, has fabric printed with flames like you see painted on hot rods laminated into one of his suction sockets. :)

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