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First - what happened to my last two to three weeks - where did I go - glad you are still here.

Second: I used to live in California; I left, my brother moved to a gated community which became famous for proving the jury which gave the "not guilt" verdict in the Rodney King v Police trial and started the LA riots.

Third: What I love about California is just that - you can find anything there that you can imagine - want to play golf at midnight (I did, and there was a course to do it), want to buy books in russian (20,000 book russian bookstore), Communist diners, bars where they serve grass from a blender - Why I left California - a) 800 homicides in one month and b) EVERYONE lives in California - just try to find some time to yourself, anywhere?

Fourth - that poor girl - in the bookstore I worked at there was an entire section for Parents with accelerated children which was all about making your child the best, the smartest, the most advanced, earlier than your neighbors. An ENTIRE SECTION of a bookstore. As staff, we put it right next to the section of masturbation books.


hahahahahaha -- Perfect.


Enjoyed your keen observations, as always. I leave satiated on visions of ultrafit mommies with double wide strollers, organically delicious breakfasts, and Frida Kahlo. (Especially Frieda Kahlo.)

Librarian Girl

Yikes. I mean really. YIKES. That's all I can say. That poor little girl!


Patry, if you love Frida Kahlo, you MUST read this book. I cannot recommend it highly enough. It is not an easy read, though. There is a ton on every page.

Granola with strawberries and a good detoxifying veggie tonic definitely made everything easier to digest!

LG, yes. Can you imagine? And this all seemed to seem perfectly normal and reasonable to the mom and her friend.

So, yeah, yikes. Many layers of yikes.

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