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awwwwwwwwww -- what a love-cat!


He is, he is, and he loooooves that rug. He loves it better than the couch. When I gave him his catnip sock, he took it straight to that rug, and now that rug is sprinkled all over with catnip. It's hard to know if he loves that rug because of the catnip or if he catnipped that rug because he already loved it.

He also likes my art supply closet and my true love. Obviously he is a discerning cat as well as an affectionate one. ;)

Michelle | Bleeding Espresso

So, so cute. He is a fuzzy one, yes--strange for being an older kitty, no?

How lucky to have found you!


We are the lucky ones. And we are totally keeping him. My true love just talked to yet another neighbor who's been feeding him on her porch for over a month, just like the guy across the railroad tracks who's been tossing him tidbits off the grill all summer, and no one has ever seen any house or person consistently associated with this cat, or any sign that anyone is or ever has been looking for him.

We weren't going to get any more cats, for tons and tons of reasons, but we agreed that if someone showed up on our doorstep starving and homeless, of course we'd take him/her in if s/he seemed to want it. Well, look who showed up. And look who's making himself very cozy on my studio chair even as we speak. :)

Lady Bracknell's Editor

Yup, one look at that dear little face and I'd be putty in his paws.

Life can be pretty bleak without a purry kitty (or two) to share it with.

I'm glad you're going to let him keep you...


Thank you! As are we. :)


Wow, so glad to hear you are now his (or hers!).

FWIW, our kitty (TobyJoy) who 'found' my garden and decided it was home (until she was ever-so-gently redirected to our coyote-free apartment) looks much like Sam. She is also tiny (not even 5 lbs!) and fuzzy and absolutely adorable. She enchants everyone that she meets. :)


TobyJoy sounds lovely! I am very partial to tiny girl kitties.

"ever-so-gently redirected to our coyote-free apartment"

hee! Yeah, we took an afternoon with a can of tuna to do just that very thing. Still, Sam is a little anxiety sausage. He is clearly content to be here, but he has terrible nightmares which wake him up in the middle of the night. He also hates it when we're not both home, and has serious issues around food. He has to be constantly reminded that there is food, and that it's for him.

Slowly but surely we are putting weight on his skinny little body. Putting peace in his heart is proving a little more challenging, but at least he feels safe around us and comes to us for comfort. A week ago Tuesday he was wandering the railroad tracks howling for food but afraid of people who weren't carrying any, so thin I could see his hip bones jutting out from across the street. He's doing a lot better than that now, and there are no coyotes in our apartment either. Or fisher cats, skunks, raccoons, or bears, not to mention trains or cars. Or tasty, tasty wild birds whose species have not evolved to defend themselves against domestic cats. All we have are the mice that come with every 100-year-old wood and plaster house, and they've been very, very quiet this last week.


I am glad to see love unite; and a little envious, as our apartment is a no-pet one. He has this look of curiousity and longing (at least to me, but then I anthropamorphize stuffed animals). I didn't know until today there was AIDS for felines?


Ah, yes, it's called "feline immunodeficiency virus." Here's the skinny, at

"Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV)," by Wendy C. Brooks, DVM, DipABVP


TobyJoy has food issues, too. She has never gained weight and feels so vulnerable at the food bowl that she will not linger there for more than a bite or two. She's also really afraid of drinking water unless it involves licking the drops off of the floor of the bathtub or involves dipping her paw in whatever we're drinking.

If you're interested, you can read a bit more about Toby's trust issues here:

It has really taken her a long time to feel secure--but it has been so worth it because she's such a doll!



Sam is the sixth stray cat it's been my privilege to be adopted by. They have each been different, every one. Every one has been worth the trouble, where there was any trouble to speak of.

BTW, my true love got a freebie pen with a laser pointer on one end from some vendor at work. Though none of our previous kitties expressed any interest in it at all, Sam has been in the house a little over a week and already I have to replace the batteries today. Did you ever find one for your kitties? If not, try Staples.

Sam will chase that little red dot 'til he completely wears out. He has a heart murmur, and we don't know why and probably won't find out unless we put him through an ultrasound of the heart (shaving, sedation, no fun for kitty and maybe pointless depending on the answers it gives, so not likely at this time). I worry that I will kill him with too much hard exercise playing with that thing. At least he'll have fun 'til then, though.

Paul M Martin

We had a cat that died of feline AIDS. Had never heard of it till then - this was maybe fifteen years ago.

Stanley wasn't promiscuous and did not use drugs so far as we know.


Oh, Paul, I'm so sorry. Bad things often happen to good kitties.

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