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Ron Sullivan

And what I really like is the ceremonially white-clad fire hydrant. I'm not sure I want to know exactly what its contribution to the ceremony was, tho'.


I know! Do they have that many wedding fires? Honestly, though, I didn't even notice the hydrant until I was looking at this image in PhotoShop. It's less obvious in real life than the ravens were, or the pueblo of Disneyland-colored $5M homes with no yards clamped together in the background along the sedimentary stone hillside that only ten or fifteen years ago was habitat for lizards, birds, bunnies, and flammable native plants flourishing in dusty shades of green and grey and brown.

Incidentally, the hotel ("spa") brochure describes the lawns (including this one, but mostly part of the public park outside the white fence) as "Gatsbyesque."


Normally I would have some comment about weddings but once you mentioned InuYasha I let out a long internal scream "Ahhhhh, another adult who watches anime, and admits it!" - since I commented yesterday that I must be the only female in this city over 14 who reads manga and watches anime - since when I mention the words, people tend to do a "Yeah, I think I tried that suishi once" response.


We LOVE anime. We don't love just any anime, like not so much the space-blonde-bubble-pop kind of stuff, but we go as silly as Naruto, Yu-Yu Hakusho, and Tenchi Muyo and as serious as Akira and most Ghost in the Shell stuff (the first movie, both the TV series, and the TV movie, but not the second movie which actually put me to sleep). We gobbled up both Cowboy Bebop and Samurai Champloo, always love a good InuYasha rerun, and are currently enjoying Bleach, an episode a week on Cartoon Network. (Blood Plus airing afterward is a guilty pleasure, extremely silly and soapy, but somehow addictive.)

What do you love?

Incidentally, it may please you to know that your comment above was my 666th at this site. :)


I watch a lot of shojo anime so Revolutionary Girl and Fruit Basket of course, saw Cowboy Bebop and Evangelion (plus Irresponsible Captain Taylor), of the new stuff, Air is really good (and has disability themes) but very sad. Linda and I watched Kaleido Star together because Sora reminded her of me (the wierd obsessive determination - not the gymnastics), and we watch girls high school series like Lucky Star or Azumanga Doiah - I loved Mai Hime more than Mai Otome. I also like the girl/girl love ones (like Mai Hime!) but most shojo has a bit of romantic love girl/girl action going on somewhere.

Cowboy Bebop (I love Ed!). We also like the stuff by Ghibli studios like Porco Rosso and the others (but on in subtitles - no evil dubs please!). That's why I want to go to Japan next year!


Oh, yes, Ghibli is the best! And I am completely with you re dubs. Jeepers, they even change the script when they do that! Arrrrgggghh.

We have two versions of My Neighbor Totoro, one in fullscreen (because it's all that was available) with "no-name" Canadian voice actors and the Disneyfied one in widescreen with the option of either reading the subtitles and hearing the Japanese or listening to the movie star voices in English. Between the two movies, there are actually three different English translations. For example, in the fullscreen/Canadian voice version, the little dark splotchy critters are called "soot sprites." In the English subtitles of the Disneyfied widescreen version, they are called "dust bunnies." I couldn't bear to hear the American movie star version, so I only suspect that there are further differences based on my experiences watching the Disneyfied widescreen version of Kiki's Delivery Service both in English with movie star voices and in Japanese with English subtitles. Grr.

Re Cowboy Bebop, we loved Ed, too, but our favorite character of all was Ein. Ein on happy mushrooms is a particularly favorite episode.

There are a certain number of corgis around here. It's that kind of suburb. They are all adorable -- and they all remind me of Ein.

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