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Ron Sullivan

I love the way that cat has made himself at home.


Yes. Me, too. I always worry when I "rescue" cats from the freedom of the open road/forest/rails that I am kidnapping them and putting them in prison. I know they will be safer (and so will the birds), but I still feel a tad guilty about taking their freedom away. But frankly, this cat is more stressed out by the prospect of being left alone than he is about being indoors.

When he first came to us, I immediately got him stoned on catnip, of course, but he was so hungry and so tired that we weren't even sure he could be comfortable. He only wanted to be on the floor, preferably under the coffee table or a certain living room chair. It is immensely gratifying to see the degree to which this has changed, and how quickly.

Yeah, he owns us pretty completely now, and all our stuff, too. I just hope he gets to live long enough now that he's here to really enjoy it.


Yes, definately looks better - but then, what doesn't look better in the home with a cat as accompanyment (sic).


It's true. The room -- the household -- has felt very empty without one. Cats are kind of tardis-like in that they come in such little packages but somehow the space they leave behind when they go is enormous.

(Okay, I really am a nerd. It's not like I was trying to hide it, but geez.)

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