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I lurved every single one of them. Yay for new (used) cats!


Yes. Hooray. :)

And Sam is quite a sick little guy, actually, so we must bask in his adorability while we can. He is severely hyperthyroid, which may explain his heart murmur. If his heart looks like it can take it, we will be getting him the radioactive iodine shot (at a cost greater than our monthly rent) in a few weeks, and hopefully that will solve a lot of his problems, at least for awhile. But the hyperthyroidism probably puts him at the age of at least ten years, and complications of the heart (so fitting in a metaphoric sense) do not make a lot more years for him very likely. He might even die before his appointment at the treatment facility.

And yet I'm still so very happy he's here. I'm also really grateful that he decided to attach himself to my true love at a time when my true love happened to have the wherewithal to help him. It's not every day that this is true.



Sorry to hear about the thyroid condition. But how lucky he is to have you to love & care for him! :)

We'll all be hoping for the best possible outcome for keep us posted!


Thank you, Jana.

Michelle | Bleeding Espresso

Aw what a cutie--and yes, so lucky for all of you that he found you now. If he must endure his last days, I don't think there's a better place for him. Well unless there's some kind of catnip haven nearby (or is that your rug?).

Just have to say though...

Is he expecting a call?

And also? That glass on the end of the desk/table...aaaah! Driving me crazy! Please move it (if he hasn't yet) ;)


ha ha ha

These photos were taken in my living room as I reclined upon the pale yellow chintz covered loveseat, as is my wont, taking calls and sipping Alka Seltzer. (Yes. Those kinds of calls.) I cropped out other detritus such as most instances of my artificial leg, lying in pants without me on the floor in front of the couch. (It's just not comfy loungewear. However, no, I don't do that when guests are present, even very familiar guests.) You also cannot see that the catnip sock and a purple catnip-filled mouse are quite nearby on the red rug. However, the phone (which you will note is not blingy, hence we can tell at a glance that it is not my studio phone -- see how useful that was?) could not be cropped out without cropping out part of Sam, something I did not want to do.

You also can't see the trampoline perfectly positioned to catch the glass should it fall. (kidding)

Likewise, I deliberately did not sweep the dirt off the red rug before taking these pictures because I wanted to imbue the photos with a sense of edgy darkness and noir-style grit. (oh yeah, totally kidding again)

Ron Sullivan

I like that cat. He looks... experienced. Good on yiz all, meeting each other.


He's definitely experienced. A little traumatized even (often gets awakened by nightmares, and also needs someone to stand next to him and pet him periodically while he eats). But you know, so are we.

We are all very lucky to have each other at just this moment.

The kitchen mice feel differently.


He's a handsome one. Sorry he's sick - hope they can get him on meds and keep him in good shape for a long time. Where did he come from? (I may have missed this - just catching up here.)


Thank you, Leslee. He is a sweetie.

Most recently, before we were able to coax him inside with a can of tuna, he was seen (and heard) wandering up and down the railroad tracks across the street from our house howling for food. Now he jumps on us in bed at three in the morning and howls for food. And yes, I do see that as an improvement. :)


Sam is a sweetie. Aren't cats just the most interesting friends?


I just love the little fuzzies! And they are each utterly unique. This, for example, is the first cat I've had who liked drinking milk from a bowl and also who didn't claw furniture, at all. And yet he, too, is a cat.

Yay, diversity!

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