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Wow, loved all the details! And do let me know if you have any spare time while you're in SoCal in December! :)


Glad you enjoyed it, Jana! In December I'll be in Ventura County (and without my magic gas pedal will be dependent on others for transpo out of the area). I guess that's sort of Northern Southern California, right?

The Goldfish

This was a lovely post, Sara. Glad you had such a nice time and that it's inspired you to get moving about and feeling healthier. It's a really positive corner to turn; can't always be done, which is partly why it feels so good.

Ron Sullivan

If you ever make it all the way north to Berkeley, well, here we are.

I loved all the detail too, just by the way. That "moving about more" is a corner I've been trying to turn for some time myself; just getting old and feeling psychologically crappy kinda gets in the way.

I'm fascinated by the feeling that you might "fail" your family, friends, et al. I think it's one I have chronically but without quite being able to tease out specifics except that I'm braced for stinging criticism all the time. Have you ever been able to imagine specifics about that?

(Not demanding an answer, of course, and cerrtainly not a public one.)


I've been meaning to answer these lovely comments all day, but I've been too busy and now my mind is mush. I will try to reply tomorrow morning.


Oh, well, my mind is still mush. I don't know why I thought it would ever not be, but I seem to have memories of lucid moments, and I guess that would tend to keep my hopes up.

Anyway, Goldfish, you are absolutely right. It can't always be done. No one is ever guaranteed a good day even in the best of circumstances.

One of my goals is always to live the day I'm in, really live it to the fullest, whatever day it honestly is. Sometimes that does in fact mean sitting in front of the TV with a cat in my lap (when I'm lucky enough to have a cat in my lap) and a bowl of coconut sorbet. But, you know, it won't kill me to at least get up and walk when I have to go to the bathroom. You know, while I still can. And it has recently become clear to me how very quickly it will kill me if I don't!

Ron, my sister lives in Orinda, and I have been invited to visit, so I expect I will be wafting your way at some point, and I will definitely let you know.

As for the failure thing, well, you were raised Catholic, right? And I was raised Jewish. And we could just leave it at that, but for me there is so much more.

Let me just talk about weddings. I don't really have the greatest track record for weddings. I either can't make it at the last minute (e.g., missed carpool connection, dead car, no money to cover alternatives) even when I have assured everyone I will be there, or I laugh at inappropriate moments (and I laugh loud), or I inadvertently insult someone who makes a big scene, or compliment someone who makes a big scene, or I somehow fail to comprehend completely what I'm doing there in the first place and consequently don't live up to whatever expectations have been placed upon me, such as duties I was supposed to be performing that I didn't even know existed.

Oh, and then there was the one of three weddings I've actually managed to show up to as a putative adult, dressed nicely and with a date, but then my date had to pee so he just stood in the driveway of the La Venta Inn, whipped out his stuff, and peed into the bushes. He didn't even go into the bushes for privacy, just stood in the driveway peeing. We had to leave after that. No one asked us to; there was just no way I was going to stay after that.

And that's just weddings. It would take me 20 years to recount all the different scenarios of failing other people which have already been pointed out to me.

It also seems that my ability to hurtfully fail others is directly proportional to the importance of whatever event it is that I'm supposed to attend, or help plan, or perform at, or bring a cake for, or...

And no, I was not raised by forgiving people, and one of them was a diagnosed but untreated bipolar, so I have no expectation when I fail others of anything short of rage and/or hysteria. And I hate that sh*t.


Wow. Just Wow. Followed your profile from New England Bloggahs on NaBloPoMo. Looking forward to spending some time in your archives.


Welcome, BLC! Have fun, and help yourself to cookies and muffins (look under the heading "Fuel").

The Goldfish

I'm now trying to imagine what coconut sorbet must taste like... Mmm...

I'm a great fan of considering the smallest effort to be exercise, so even when I am very immobile, I would never say that I don't get any exercise. I was about to give you some advice here, but I think I may have to do a Goldfish Guide...


Goldfish, coconut sorbet is basically coconut milk and sugar, frozen. (Yum.) Haagen Dasz makes a very nice one.

I look forward to the Goldfish Guide. :)

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