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It is odd that I haven't really seen many butterflies this year and only one dragon fly which I saw last month - that's it, one dragon fly for the whole year - how sad is that? Hope your headache improves.


Fell better soon, m'dear! Lovely photo.


Thank you, ladies. I do feel better now.


Ha! I deliberately didn't mention in my blog post the you-know-what I had yesterday in the middle of all my drama, because I find that whole contact-thing of yours so freaky. And you got a headache anyway.

Glad you're feeling better.

Beautiful photo.


Oh, dear! I'm sorry you were suffering, too.

Re the contact thing: I think I have to actually be within three feet of the person and conversing with him/her. I'm also a mood sponge, totally susceptible to things like flying stress, etc., but I can't get them from e-mails or phone conversations, just from being in the same space with a person having them.

I really think it has something to do with electricity, like when a cranky, stressed out person sits down at a computer and breaks it without having done anything that should logically have caused the breakage. And I just know this is somehow related to the phenomenon of ghosts.

But then, I am an amateur mad scientist. Ideas like these just come naturally.


I've known people who are so highly charged that light bulbs burn out when they walk in the room, repeatedly. It may or may not be significant that I worked in a crisis center at the time.

This is different than people who think that street lights go off when they walk by them (street lights, the mercury vapor kind, have to shut off for a while every now and again for a couple of minutes. About the amount of time it takes to walk by them.)

And my lovely ex-wife, during a particularly difficult time in her personal and professional life, couldn't wear a watch. It would stop completely within about 15 minutes. She'd take it off and set it down, and it would start up again within about 15 minutes.

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