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Yay, we all say! ;)




Thank you, one and all. :)

When Sam arrived home, extreme bed laundry and vacuuming were in progress and had changed the once familiar landscape of our house significantly, if mostly temporarily, so we think he felt a little gaslighted. However, after some initial angst, you will be happy to hear that he is back to bossing me around, same as ever, only with slightly more snuggliness.


Glad the little guy is back home, radioactive or not.


Thank you, Alphabitch. Of course, that's just how we feel, too.


Yay Sam! And yay you for taking such good care of him!


Yay my true love for paying for it all. This treatment cost more than our monthly rent. Eep.

But it is our privilege to care for Sam, as he reminds us daily. :)

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