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This reminds me of visiting my uncle in the hospital after his leg was amputated; it was his first stretch of coherent, conscious time since the surgery, and he was very angry about the procedure, and the hospitalization, and would I please take him to the smoking lounge (hospitals still had them then). He said the the leg, though he knew it was gone, hurt more than it had in years. There was no convincing him that the fact that he couldn't feel anything going on in the leg was part of the reason it'd had to go. But his aura, vivid and sparkly on account of how angry he was, extended the full length of the phantom limb. I remember that it made sense to me at the time that I could see it, and I hadn't even really thought about it until you said that about how "Sometimes, you see, the energy is visible as an ephemeral cloud of golden sparkles in the shape of my missing leg."

His wasn't an ephemeral cloud of golden sparkles, though. He wasn't that kind of guy. Thoroughly disagreeable man.


Wow, Sara, that was great.

In my sleeping dreams, I still have two legs (only 1 dreams in almost 4 years now, and it about being in a wheelchair). But in my waking state, when I imagine my leg being there (either intentionally, as for dance...or unintentionally, as in phantom presence), it feels *exactly* like your graphic. Except midnight blue with silver sparkles. What a trip to see that image captured.



Ladies, that is a trip. I wonder how many other people experience the sparkles one way or another after amputation?

Alphabitch, could your uncle "see" the leg, too, or just feel the pain? Poor guy. That is one of the most awful aspects of this particular experience, that there is no guarantee that anyone will actually feel better afterward. It's really the luck of the draw blended in some as yet not completely understood way with the skill and care of the surgeon and the specific pathology of each sick limb or limb-costing trauma. Lots of people who lose limbs traumatically feel the injury that robbed them of their parts for the rest of their lives, incessantly but for when they sleep, and sometimes even then.

AmpuT, trust you to have such lovely, stylish sparkles! :)


You know, I don't know if I ever asked my uncle if he could see it. It was enough to know that he could feel it, I guess. Plus, I don't generally go around telling people that I see auras. It makes them nervous.


It just makes me jealous. ;) I've never been able to see them, myself.

It also makes me wonder. While you're exploring different career changes, have you thought about massage therapy, qi gong, and stuff like that? I don't know what your physical strength is like, but being able to see auras seems like it would come in quite handy.


I have in fact thought of that -- funny you should ask :)

I took a massage therapy course way way back in the mid 1980s, before there was any such thing as certification, at least in Minnesota. So I'm not certified, but in any case, I realized early on that I don't have what it takes to massage just every person who shows up. And nowadays, it's kind of a moot point, as my hands, wrists, arms, elbows, shoulders, etc. are so shot that I can barely make it through a single full-body massage in a day.

I still do give massages now and again, though, usually for athletes training for something, or in exchange for music lessons, yard chores, etc. And only for people I know.

I'm not sure how handy it is to be able to see auras; I've never known quite what to make of them. I'm not sure they provide any information that isn't apparent in some other way.

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