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Bummer. I occasionally teach a class, and I LOVE getting notes from students that they've learned something. Maybe shoot the instructor an email or a note saying you were sorry to miss the class and thanks?


Yes, I'm going to try to obtain her e-mail somewhere, because she really did help me an enormous amount -- and in only two sessions! It's like she unlocked my metal muse just by teaching me two riveting techniques. (And by riveting, I really mean riveting, not just interesting.)

Of course, I also told her that in class, repeatedly, but while I know that's nice, I also know it's not the same as actually showing up. Gah.


It's amazing how life can get in the way of having a life sometimes. Working half time, as I am now, I wonder how I ever managed to work twice this much. Who has the time???


No, it's true. And then I remember that when I was significantly more busy, I didn't really manage it very well at all, which is why I slowed down.

Still, right now I essentially have three jobs (housekeeper/cook, artist/photographer/crafter, and writer), and I was in school until about two hours ago, and we have this new (used) adorable sick cat.

And for dog's sake, I'm a blogger! Cheeses! How am I even doing this well?

Oh, my sainted coffeepot!


"housekeeper/cook, artist/photographer/crafter, and writer"

I think that's what I want to be when I grow up!


Once upon a time I was doing all that and also had a day job. In fact, most of my life I did all or most of that and had a day job. (The housekeeping part? Not so much.) And yes, it was too much. Having a loving patron is not something I take for granted.

For the record, I completely suck at the housekeeper part.

Michelle | Bleeding Espresso

Hey I have the same job, more or less, only with puppies instead of a new (used) cat! And I translate some things too. Whee.

I *completely* understand hating that chunk carved out of the week. That's actually a big reason why I decided not to teach this semester. And I haven't regretted it for one moment. Guess I just like doing things when I like doing them too much.

Spoiled? Whatever.


Another complication is that my true love is in school nearly full time as well as working a full-time job. He is home a lot. When he is home, I am pretty much not working; I am running errands, tending him, tending the cat, etc., because I do not have enough time to myself to go deep inside myself to make stuff. So he's home four days a week, I have class two days a week on top of everything else I'm trying to do, and that leaves me with just about 14 hours a week in which to conduct my business, which is based on creativity, which comes from the place in me that I can only get to with hours and hours of quiet mostly morning time spent by myself after enough sleep.

Esteemed correspondent Leslee wrote a really good post recently about being a sensitive person and what it takes to be able to do creative work. I don't think of myself as all that sensitive, but what she said resonated with me. Having my week cut up in this crazy jigsaw fashion, having my time spoken for in so very many different ways all at once, having all these interruptions and distractions and directions and voices all going at once when I should be sitting still and being quiet for long periods of time so I can make things is messing me up big time. Still, Alison is brilliant and there's a lot I would like to learn from her. So can I manage another twelve hours out of my life?

I really want to. This semester was insane, though, and clearly beyond my capacity. I can't do it like this again.

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