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I prefer all my science to be "mad" science or science that is really really needed but no one else is brave enough to do (like the kind you do!). Sorry I didn't come by earlier, I in doing a science experiment today too!


"science that is really really needed but no one else is brave enough to do (like the kind you do!)"

Ah, Elizabeth, if only everyone had your vision! ;)


Ha! I can picture the potential explosion...
And can I say that I have just been riveted by all this science. Who says the internet is a waste of time?


Root Beer Floats!!!

I love root beer floats. I only like to buy sodas in cans or glass bottles though. And yeah, I know that cans are lined nowadays with plastic, but leave me with my delusions.

I can't find that severed hand my sister sent me; I know it's around somewhere, because it keeps getting in my way when I dust. Maybe if I dust, it'll turn up.

I'm wondering whether your severed limb will return to its pre-expanded size without application of pressure. I guess we'll see.


Thank you, Laurie. Thank you for your vision, also. I mean, isn't this whole thing all about furthering human understanding? How could anyone call that a waste of time?

Someday, amputees and Hallowe'en celebrants everywhere will thank me. You just wait and see. ;)

Alphabitch, I absolutely love root beer floats, too, and it's been approximately 5,000 years since I've had one. I am now kicking myself for not buying ice cream last night while I was out. Yum.

I have visions of your severed hand making its way through the walls of your house, Thing-like, only in micro version. I hope it doesn't hit water in a tight place. That could get, uh, ugly.


Oh no! I never even thought of that! I hope Ruby doesn't find it and eat it. That would be even more worrisome than the time she ate my glasses. Well, maybe not more worrisome, but it could be really gross.


Yes, especially as swallowing these items is expressly warned against on the packaging, and as we have surmised previously, probably not just because they're hard to digest and possibly toxic.

The x-rays, however, would be hilarious -- you know, once you separated them out from the poor doggie's discomfort and assuming she wasn't poisoned or didn't just immediately barf it up in chunks, some of them distinctly finger-shaped. "Uh, I don't know how to tell you this, Ms. Bitch, but your Ruby seems to have swallowed a, uh, human hand."


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