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Yeah, I've lived in a couple of houses with ghost cats. I've also never encountered ghosts that don't seem perfectly ordinary and nice. If ghosts is what they are.

Contact migraines? That sounds awful.


Hey, I had the biggest girl head in my senior class--I know that for similar reasons (I was assigned to write down the sizes when they measured for graduation caps). I still have a head too big for "one-size" hats--gotta get hats made for large heads, or hats made with flexible bands (berets work okay). I don't think it looks disproportionate, maybe it's just in the shape?

Then I married a guy with a big head, and birthed a kid with... a very small head. Whew!

Come eat sushi with me sometime--I'm always looking for a sushi buddy. And I'll eat all the avocado bits.


Alphabitch, I also once lived in a place that had a haunted closet. My friend L didn't believe me when I told her the apartment was haunted, until I said, "Go stand in that closet." And she did, and then I shut the door for a minute. Then I opened it again and said, "See?"

And she said, "Yes. I didn't believe you until you closed the door. I thought, 'Oh, big deal, it's just a closet full of clothes.' And then I remembered that you don't actually keep anything in this closet.

"I was really glad when you opened the door."

(This was a long time ago. The idea of an empty closet now makes me laugh, a little hysterically.)

Penny, you're on. This same friend L and I used to have massive sushi pig-outs in the mid-'80s wherever and whenever we could afford it. There was this place in Westwood called Sushi Boat. The chefs would put whatever they made on these little wooden boats that would go around the enormous, oval-shaped bar in a little Disneyland-style miniature river, and customers would just take whatever they wanted. At the end of the meal, the waiter would simply count the empty boats piled up and charge accordingly.

The last time we went, which I think was in about 1985, we racked up a bill of about $90. I don't even think we had sake.

Mmmm, it was sooooooo yummy.

There's also great sushi around here, you know, should you find yourself in the area. So I extend the same invitation to you, anytime. :)


So if I understand this correctly, you have the worst psychic ability ever - you can sense and replicate migranes, without being told someone has one. Well, it IS a superpower, just not one I can concievably think of a use for.

I too have a "big head" but I don't know if I can make a specific claim about exactly where I rank in big head world, sorry, but I am glad you STILL remember your senior head size ranking (cause there is no insecurity about THAT obviously).

As for ghosts, I believe in "other" though I don't believe they are people because I find the thought that I would spend a hundred years after life making hallways chilly just too depressing; like I wouldn't want to hang out in a library? It would be that all our knowledge and intellegence is turned into a three year old trickster. Which I find too sad to believe - but I still believe in "other" meaning, wierd stuff happens, I can't explain it, but I don't believe it is grandmother - unless my shoes start mysteriously wiping themselves and lining up up in rows only a Edwardian anal rententive person might do - then I'll believe it's grandmother.


Just for the record, my true love has a far bigger head than I do. Not that size matters or anything. Of course it doesn't -- right? ;)

Maybe ghosts don't stay in just one place. Maybe grandmother only drops by to rearrange the shoes in between other things that she's doing in her rather full afterlife. I don't actually believe in a structured afterlife, but it might be true.

I always thought the idea of haunted graveyards was really preposterously sad, for much the same reasons that you mention. Seriously, the graveyard? Not the library or, er, the pantry? Tragic ghosts, graveyard ghosts must be. Or extremely mischievous, getting larks spooking the "tourists."


"I think you can haunt a space without having died yet." THAT should be your next mad science experiment ;-)


See, I think I already am. If only I had the equipment and staff to prove it.

I may have to get me one of them there grant thingies after all. ;)

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