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You know the prompt for this week's Sunday Scribblings was "competition." I think you nailed it.


Sognatrice, is that you?

That is a funny coincidence.


Too much many brain cells? All I know is if you move into a science building next to me, I am moving next door and no question - you need 12 bottles of compressed butane? Of course you do!

Is Santa supposed to part of "Natural Selection?"


Poor Tiny Santa. Years of therapy await him.


Elizabeth, I assure you I have no surfeit of brain cells; quite the opposite! And I doubt that I will ever move into that science building. I couldn't pass the math test, and besides, the Canadian government couldn't afford the necessary liability insurance.

For a better understanding of the kind of discoveries I'm making here, please refer back to the previous Mad Science Sunday entry, regrettably from two weeks ago already. Compare those images with these. Now, does this not look like natural selection in action?

"Poor Tiny Santa. Years of therapy await him."

If he survives, Laurie, if he survives.

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