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By all means, do NOT disturb teh kitteh. What is it about cats and damp towels anyway? My family's cats and my in-laws' have always favored damp towels (or sweaters laid flat to dry, in a pinch.)


This morning when I finished my shower, Elly hopped up on the edge of the tub and started getting all excited because she knew that me getting out of the shower meant that a hot damp towel would soon appear on the end of the bed for her to lie on. She followed me eagerly to the bedroom and rubbed her head into my thigh as I sat on the edge of the bed and got dressed. Then I rolled her, burrito-like, in my bathtowel. She was in heaven!


hee!!! and what a lovely shade of red that is!


BLC, I assure you, I wouldn't dream of disturbing him! There's a very funny cartoon by the woman who draws Rhymes With Orange in which one person asks another person to do something, but the other person replies, "DO YOU NOT SEE THIS KITTY IN MY LAP???" hee hee

Jana, rolled up in one of those towels is something else Elly will enjoy -- very very much, I suspect. I only hope you like it as well!

Alphabitch, I can't tell you how much it gratifies me that you appreciate that shade. ;) It really is gummy bear red, even after washing.

There is another item I made, but I am waiting to photograph it until I can also photograph these others with it. :)


Wow, you are superproductive in all sorts of arty ways and obviously cats, with all their special perception felt this energy and was drawn toward it. At the party I went to yesterday three cats wandered in, looked around, meowed at some people for food and wandered off again (the home owner only has TWO cats). These are but a few of the innate cat rights.


What's sad, Elizabeth, is that I have been viciously exhausted the past week and really not very productive at all. However, what's productive? Truly, everything we do besides tending cats is just filler to kill time between our cat-tending duties.

Or so I have come to believe. :)

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