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Ooh, I hate those bird crap papercuts! Feel better soon.

The Goldfish

Been concerned about your silence; hope you are both much better very soon.


Thank you, ladies. My head actually feels a lot better today, and I find I can read the computer screen again (couldn't really do that for awhile there; yuck and yikes). I will know more about my true love when he wakes for the day, but he sounds less cough-y this morning. Fingers crossed. Or bronchial tubes. Or something.


I've been a bit worried too because you have been through the wringer. My interpretation is that all cats are, in the end, art critics, and also, who wouldn't rather stare at cherry blossoms this time of year, I know I would!

bleeding espresso

Get well soon Household of Sara, True Love, and Wistful Kitty.


Thank you, ladies. I'm really doing very much better, and working my way through blog-reading catch-up in alphabetical order. My true love is still feeling absolutely crummy, though. Poor baby. The next semester of school starts tomorrow, and he was so hoping to be better rested by now.

Elizabeth, I don't know about art critics, but a couple of my previous cats had very specific musical tastes. The incomparable Java the Mensa Cat was deeply into classical and jazz, for example, whereas the late great Furry Lewis was all about the blues (hence his name), the rougher and scruffier the better, and also exhibited a passion for experimental jazz.

On the other hand, I once painted a picture of koi, and before I had it off the drawing table, deep sgraffiti memorializing a series of tiny-pawed snatching motions had become mysteriously incised into the burnished layers of wax-borne pigment. I found these marks very flattering, actually, not criticism but perhaps a tribute to my ability to capture the essence of living fishiness on paper, and naturally never did anything to repair the painting's surface. I can never part with this painting. I still cherish these marks as evidence of my loving collaboration with at least one of these dear and, yes, opinionated creatures.

Michelle, thank you. January is a rough month around here typically; it seems like we are always sick, every year, and not just a light cold or a touch of flu, more like hacking coughs, vomiting fevers, and Victorian-novel-grade sieges of indisposition. Clearly we are going about this month the wrong way and need to make a change.

Fortunately, the kitty's worst problem seems to be that I will not let him outside to chase squirrels in the snow. Equally fortunately, a feather on a string is enough to distract him from any errant fancies along those lines.


Oooo feel better soon!
Hey, I gave you a "You Make My Day Award" over on my blog today ;-)
Play along if you like.


I'm glad you feel better :)

Ditto on the cherry blossoms. I'd rather look at them any time of year, too.

Our kitten watches the screen when my boyfriend plays on the Wii. If you move the characters around enough, you can really mess with her.


Thanks, Bonnie! If I give it back to you, you won't take it as extra homework or some kind of rejection, will you? 'Cause you make me smile, too. :)

And thanks, Amorette. Cherry blossoms will come again to these coldlands, too, someday, as will the robins. We just have to be strong 'til then. Meanwhile, yay for lithography, and for the beautiful things outside which do not sing inside our hearts like clouds of pink petals and baby birds but which are very pretty, too, nonetheless. Fat squirrels, for example. The lace of bare black branches fragile against icy blue or silken grey sky. Ropes of parasitic vines gnarled into tree trunks revealed to a draughtsman's detailed delight only by the absence of leaves and petals. Glass Christmas ornaments a neighbor family leaves in one of its front trees year 'round, so that they glimmer and shine when there are no leaves like now, but then twinkle mysteriously in the depths of foliage the rest of the time. The pure red of a cardinal pecking sunflower seeds off of snow so hard its crust will support my weight, too.

It's not cherry blossoms, no, but all that's definitely worth a dreamy gaze or two, too, wouldn't you say? :)


I am so happy you are feeling better! =)


Thank you, K! My true love has finally stopped coughing mostly, too, so that's fabulous. Meanwhile, I'm still slowly working my way through catching up on reading other people's blogs. Stuff is happening to y'all! Too bad the come-and-go headache and capriciously waxing and waning eye strain are still playing merry hell with my ability to read.

Goin' to the ophthalmologist Wednesday. Gettin' new glasses. Meanwhile I'm teaching myself how to tat using worsted-weight cotton in bright colors. This is what we call "adaptation," right? :)

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