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Michelle | Bleeding Espresso

True love rocks! This is quite possibly the best thing I've *ever* read on the Interwebs.

[And I meant that as a compliment.]

Michelle | Bleeding Espresso

Oh, and also I meant True Love, capital T, capital L, but lowercase true love is pretty cool too....


Ah, but which is which? :)

Thank you, my dear. Now stop writing to me so I can go read your blog, okay? ;)

kathy a.

he's a keeper. good cat, too.

i drifted over from ron's place. you have been dealing with astonishing things, with great grace and humor, and very good backup.


Seriously, Kathy A, my "very good backup" -- which ended up including both my siblings, btw, but that's going to be my love story for next week -- deserves all credit. I could not have gotten through this without all of them.

One of the things that stuns and dazes me is my sheer luck. So grateful.

And Sam is an excellent kitty.


This is so completely beautiful. Your TL obviously loves you very much and is a smart, thoughtful and funny person, to boot. I loved getting his emails; they were enormously reassuring and made me like him very much.
I am lucky to be loved by such a man, too. Let's tell each other that we deserve it, shall we? I think we do.
Please tell TL that I very much enjoyed his blog posts and that I will keep reading.


Oh, honey, you absolutely deserve yours!

I will tell mine you are enjoying his rants; he will be tickled. I particularly liked the latest, short and sweet. Or bitter. But true.

Hug your own good man (and yourself) from me.

The Goldfish

This one had me in tears. :-)

I really did enjoy your True Loves e-mails (apart from the fact it was all pretty good news). And this thing you two have, it is very rare. But I'm very pleased to say I have much the same with AJ, but I don't often observe it in others. Then again, perhaps other people have it and never really know...

Of course, you are in danger of acquiring admiring groupies for your True Love going on like this. ;-)


Yes, and I'm probably attracting the Evil Eye going on and on about my good luck. It's quite worrisome. I think this is why other people who have it this good DON'T gush on and on about it. Or perhaps it's that most people don't go on decadron for two and a half weeks and then have to spend ten days getting it out of their crazed systems.

I am glad AJ is as good. I always sensed as much from the way you write about him.


That one's a keeper for sure.


Yay -- to you and your true love. to your cat and to this post.

Looking forward to more. No brain tumour, way good!


Ron Sullivan

Damn. I am impressed.

But then I was impressed right from the first progress report your TL sent. Ain't it great when the good ones are also so entertaining?


I was very touched by the fact that your TL, not only in the face of dealing with what must of been an emotional issue to him, took the time and space to continue to update other people, people he had never met, simply because he knew it was important to you. Of course, he also started sounding seriously narked at you, which was sort of funny in its own way since isn't the TL, the person who is supposed to be pacing, to be DOING things endlessly to assauge that feeling of helplessness while instead, it was having to live with Sara, who from the notes lost a brain tumor but managed to gain some form of OCD regarding dishes. Then there was the shopping: I know that you went at LEAST once more than he noted, probably several times during your "housebound rest period" - let us all give thanks that TL was smart enough not to leave out a credit card and the internet.

I am glad you are back posting and I am glad for the way TL (and you) kept me informed of all things. And yes, you are very lucky to have TL.

patry francis

It was great to get to know your TL through his updates. Clearly, he is a wonder, and you are a wonder couple. xxx


Casey -- Yes, he is, and I'm totally hanging onto him as long as he'll let me. When I ask him what's in it for him, he reminds me "You're my arch."

WCD -- Thank you. Yes, it is much easier to read fantastic blogs like yours let alone scratch my own mad ravings onto the screen now that I don't have a brain tumor, but there were no guarantees that it would be so. So I am feeling very, very lucky right now, and not just because I have an awesome partner and we have a clever cat. Still, I do feel that both make excellent blogging topics, and am gratified that others appreciate them. :)

Ron -- I strongly feel his entertainment value is a large part of what makes him one of the good ones. :) But yes, it's a big bonus on top of all that reliability.

Elizabeth -- You know, as we were preparing for all this, more than one of my oldest friends asked me to ask him to let them know how I was doing, but I replied, "Look, [my true love] is very busy right now. He has taken over managing my whole life, including my medical care, because I can't, plus he is working full-time to support both of us and trying not to get fired while he doesn't show up for work because he's taking care of me. I am not giving him any additional tasks, okay?" So I was very surprised and touched also not just that he managed to do this, but that he thought to do it all on his own. I was not expecting it, and it was very kind of him.

The dishes thing is hilarious because when I am myself, I am no housekeeper. I usually have other things to do, you know? But being up for 20 hours straight every day and unable to read, write or even crochet, I had nothing else to do but eat, talk, and keep the dishes frickin' spotless.

You know, we are real people, and neither of us sees the other as perfect. We seriously get on each other's nerves sometimes, yes, even during a life-threatening crisis, and since I'm from a Jewish family and he's half Mexican, you'd better believe we fight, fight bitterly, and fight over the usual stupid things everybody fights over. But, damn. Lucky I am indeed. And I'm so glad you all got to know him a little bit.

Patry -- Though I would much rather it had been at a party or something, I am very glad you got to know him a little, too. He's a mensch, and I want lots of people to know it. But you have one, too, so you know what that's like. :)


Belated Happy Birthday! I see you have your present (in your TL).


Thank you, Leslee. Yes, I am a ridiculously spoiled person. One year I get a great man for a birthday present. Another year I get free brain surgery. So what if I don't even celebrate my birthday most years except to make a cake and hug my true love? Still spoiled. Totally.


How can you doubt how you cared and looked out for her and how much she loved you? She says it here in so many ways so many times..

Please stop feeling guilty, I think she would hate to know you were feeling so.

Take care of yourself. Amy

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