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Michelle | Bleeding Espresso

I hate when my chocolate bunnies hop off. Bad bunny! Bad bunny!

kathy a.

five (5) chocolate bunnies disappeared in my house the last week or so, leaving behind only the foil wrappers. crime scene, indeed! there are suspects, and for once, they don't include the cats.


Hm, yes, looks almost like the one I got today in the mail from my dad, except only the ears are gone (so far). Belated Easter present (he was occupied in the ER when I was there on Easter. Sigh.) It does look like a crime scene. Which reminds me I'll have to do a good cover-up job when I'm finished.


I knew it! There's a bunnyknapper out there! I was sitting at my computer with mine beside me, when I glanced over and only his little collar, with the bell still dangling from it remained!

Ron Sullivan



Okay, now I'm envisioning CSI: Concord, Massachusetts, with the cops swabbing out the plastic bunny forms and matching chocolate traces left behind in them to those found on floors, clothes, hands, inside suspects' cheeks...

Sugared Harpy

This, I love.

We had two such incidents in our house. Very sad.

Ron Sullivan



I was going to suggest that maybe they had gone the way of the Velveteen Rabbit, but I couldn't really work that out in my mind with where they really went. Probably best to leave that one alone.

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